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Automatic Review of Email Notification Templates


After you have edited and saved a notification template in Settings > Notifications, the system will automatically review the template content.

If the template is not approved, you will receive a warning message. Please promptly modify the template content to ensure compliance; otherwise, the emails will not be sent out successfully.


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Automatic Review

The automatic review generally covers the following two types of content: images and text.

Types Requirements
  • Images must reflect your actual business.
  • Sending images related to pornography, violence, politics, advertisements, or illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Templates must reflect your actual business. Text content, excluding variables, must convey the purpose and usage scenarios of the email.
  • Sending content against laws and regulations is strictly prohibited.
  • (For stores based in China only) Links, if any, must be ICP-registered URLs.
  • Sending emails containing the following content is strictly prohibited: loans, dunning, gambling, alcohol and drugs, party and political matters, legal rights protection, crowdfunding, charitable donations, religions and superstitions, funerals, violence, threatening and intimidation, pornography, fur, cheating on exams, home decoration (including building materials and furniture), trademark registration, sales of personal information, game promotion, exhibition promotion, card promotion, insurance promotion, credit card withdrawal, cashback and rebates, and proxy invoice issuance.
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