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Email Notification Template Modification

After saving the customized notification templates in [Settings] > [Notifications], its content will be automatically moderated and checked by the system. 


If the content does not fulfill the moderation standards, you will receive an error message. Please modify the template content in time to ensure that it meets the standard, otherwise, your notifications will not be sent normally.


The automatic moderation usually covers the two types of content as listed below:




Images must reflect the actual business.

  • It is forbidden to send pictures related to pornography, violence, politics, advertising, and illegal activities.



The template content must reflect the actual business. Besides the variables, the text content must be available for judging the meaning and usage scenarios of the message. 

  • Sending content related to violations of laws and regulations is strictly prohibited.
  • Links can only be ICP-registered URLs.
  • Sending SMS related to loans, dunning, gambling, drugs, party and government, legal rights protection, crowdfunding, charitable donations, religion, superstition, funerals, violence, intimidation, pornography, fur, exam assistance, decoration (including building materials and furniture), trademark registration, sales of personal information, game promotion, exhibition promotion, card promotion, insurance promotion, credit card withdrawal, cashback rebate, invoicing, and alcohol are prohibited.