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Collection List Filter Setting Guide


When setting up your store, you have the option to configure filters on the Collection list page, facilitating buyers in quickly finding the products they want. The filter system offers three configuration methods: subcollection, tag filter, and menu column.

This functionality is supported by all themes except Seed, Modern, Charm, and North.

Notes: If the Product Filters & Color Swatch plugin is enabled, the tag filter will be overridden by the plugin settings.


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Product Feature Setting Path

The product feature setting path consists of the following steps:

  1. Go to the Editor of a template that you want to customize. Select the page you want to edit by clicking on the down-drop list > Collections.
  2. Under the Product list, you can add either the Subcollection or Tag filter component.


Subcollections are custom directories for product types that you can create. Once being set up, they showcase all product types in your store, aiding buyers in swiftly grasping your store's product categories and navigating to the relevant collection list pages.

  1. Subcollections automatically fetch and display the menu. You can go to Online Store > Navigation module. can either edit the existing menu or create a new one to configure all first-level, second-level, and third-level menus as product categories. The products in the parent category should include products from the subcollections.
  2. After configuring the head menu column in the admin as described, navigate to the list page of any of the specified categories. Here, you can see the same-level categories and subcollections displayed in the left and middle areas. Additionally, you can adjust the number of items under the category and their display position according to your preferences.

Example of menu level configuration:

First-Level Menu Second-Level Menu Third-Level Menu
SHOP WOMEN'S (Category) Jackets (Category)
Shirts (Category)
MEN'S (Category) Jackets (Category)
Shirts (Category)
PACKS & GEAR (Category) Wallets (Category)
Bags (Category)
Accessories (Category)
HOME (Category) Furniture (Category)
Lighting (Category)
Textiles (Category)
Tableware (Category)
SS21 SHOW / /


First-Level Menu Second-Level Menu
WOMEN'S (Category) Jackets (Category)
Shirts (Category)
MEN'S (Category) Jackets (Category)
Shirts (Category)


Tag Filter

Tag filters allow buyers to filter products by product tags. Buyers can select one or more tags to find the target products precisely. The setup steps are as follows:

  1. Add tags on the product detail page, such as tags related to properties, seasons, or styles.
  2. Go to the template editor > Product list > Tag filter module and choose to display all tags or specific ones based on your preferences.

Once configured, previewing the list page will showcase the effect.
It's important to note that the tags on the list page will only display those present in the current product list. Tags that do not match the current product's tags will not be shown.

Menu Column

The menu column allows you to display product categories hierarchically on the list page, offering buyers additional page entries. The setup steps are as follows: 

  1. Configure the navigation from the store admin panel.
  2. Select a navigation menu in the Menu Selector.

Once configured, the navigation will appear on the left side of the list page.

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