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Automatic Payment for Subscribed Plan

Merchants can set automatic credit card payments for settling store-related bills. Please pay attention to the guideline below to secure uninterrupted store operations. 


1. Automatic Deduction Rule

When the store package expires or the conditions for commission are met, the system generates a bill to be paid, and the store has a credit card bound, and the fee will be automatically deducted. The timing of the deduction is as follows:

a. When generating bills to be paid, if the store has a successfully bound credit card, it will directly deduct the fee automatically.

b. When the first credit card is successfully bound to the operation under the store, and there is a bill to be paid under the store, the automatic deduction will be performed directly.

c. The above automatic deduction will give priority to the default credit card deduction. If the deduction fails, other credit cards bound to the store will be deducted according to the binding time, from newest to oldest. If the deduction fails, it will be deducted at the At 24:00 (UTC+08:00) on the same day, the automatic deduction will be retried, and the maximum number of retries will be 3 times.


2. Unpaid bills instructions

  • After the Commission bill is generated, please settle the payment within 2 days. Otherwise, the store will be frozen and appear closed. You will need to pay the bill to unfreeze the store.
  • If your plan expires, an additional grace period of 7 days will be provided. You will need to renew your plan within this 7-day period. Otherwise, your store will be frozen and the marketplace will be in a closed state.


3. Supported credit cards

Please use the credit cards supported by each region to complete the binding. Cards out of the range are not available for binding. Supported credit cards in each region are as follows:

  • For mainland China, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express are supported:





  • For merchants in Southeast Asia, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and UnionPay are supported:







4. Rules of Bill Generation

A. Commission bill

For merchants in mainland China,

  1. A bill will be generated when the accumulated commission amount reaches 70USD.
  2. Bills are generated at 0:00 (UTC+08:00) on the 1st of every month.

B. Plan bill

After the package expires, the bill for the next cycle will be generated.


5. Credit card binding and unbinding instruction

  • Bind a credit card

In the Admin, go to [Settings] > [Plan]. Click Add a credit card and a window will pop up.

Enter the Card Number, Cardholder's Name, Expiration Date, and Security Code. Check the box to accept the service agreement and then click Save.


For the same merchant account, when binding a credit card, a USD$1 test deposit will be made for card verification. It will be refunded to you in 7 working days after the test payment.

After the card is successfully bound, with the same credit card, other stores using the same card will not be required to conduct test payments. 


Each store can bind a maximum of 15 credit cards. One of the cards can be selected as default.


  • Unbind credit card 

Click Delete next to the card you want to bind. A window will pop up to confirm "Are you sure you want to unbind?" Click Confirm to unbind. The unbound credit card will no longer be used for subsequent plans or bills.