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Mailchimp Email Marketing

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps businesses execute their automated email campaigns which is integral in the business of e-Commerce. You can create custom email templates, target groups, manage user and email lists accordingly.  

This article will be covering the following: 


1. Mailchimp concept

Mailchimp Account: Your main account will be the email you use to register your Mailchimp Account

Mailchimp Audience (Audience/List): The recipients of your mail. Free users will only have one Mailchimp Audience, paid users can have multiple. 

Campaign: The email template you created. 


2. What can the integrated SHOPLINE-Mailchimp do?

1. Integrate seamlessly with the Mailchimp account: Connect your Mailchimp list with SHOPLINE in less than 60 seconds for free. 

2. Sync store data with Mailchimp: All the information in your SHOPLINE store will be synchronized with your Mailchimp including clients, orders, products and campaigns. 

3. Automated Trigger Email Campaigns: If you create an "Order Notification" template in Mailchimp, when a customer places an order, it will automatically trigger an Email notification from Mailchimp. 



Common Issues

Before installation

1. Do I need a Mailchimp account? 

Yes, you will need a Mailchimp account before you install. If you do not have one, please proceed to the Mailchimp website to create one. 


2. Can I send store data to multiple audiences? 

No. The system currently only supports one Mailchimp audience per store. 


3. Can I connect multiple stores to the same Mailchimp audience? 

We do not recommend doing so as it will cause internal system conflicts within Mailchimp. But you can connect multiple stores to multiple Mailchimp Audiences within the same Mailchimp account. It is important to maintain one store per audience. 


4. If I add new clients on Mailchimp, will it also be added to SHOPLINE?



5. My synchronization has begun, will any data collected during this period be lost? 

No. Customers who are checking out your store may not appear in your list immediately when the synchronization begins. Once the sync is complete, we will queue these emails for delivery.


6. Do I need to manually synchronize past orders? 

The system will sync all past orders, online store registered customers, subscribed customers and products. This is done so that you can effectively use this information for marketing with Mailchimp.


After Installation


1. When the Online Store theme is updated, will I need to re-install the application? 

No need, you will not need to re-install the application even if you update your store theme. 


2. Is there a limit to the number of users that can sync from SHOPLINE to Mailchimp?

No, there is no limit. The application acts as a bridge between the two platforms, keeping information in alignment is key. 


3. Will customers that have registered/subscribed immediately become part of my Audience? 

This application uses Mailchimp API to send e-Commerce and customer data into the Mailchimp list so as soon as customer have registered/subscribed, they will immediately be added to Mailchimp. 


4. I want to change my Mailchimp account, how do I do so?

You can click Disconnect on the application overview page. Once disconnected, reconnect Mailchimp to select the account you wish to use and proceed to verification. 


5. I want to change my Mailchimp Audience

You can click Disconnect on the application overview page. Once disconnected, reconnect Mailchimp to proceed with identity verification and chose the audience you wish to send to. 


6. I created a discount code but it did not display

Once a discount code is created it will not be immediately synchronized with Mailchimp, it auto-syncs every 5 minutes. But you can manually sync the discount code by clicking the "Sync" button under the "Sync Status". 



7. Why can't I see all the products I selected when creating Ads? 

When you are creating Ads in Mailchimp, you will not be able to see all the products. By default, Mailchimp will only pick 10 products to display in the drop down menu. If you wish to add other products, please enter the product name. 


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