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Binding Your Domain to SHOPLINE


Your domain serves as the online address where customers find your store. Aligning it with your brand fosters trust and credibility. When you joined SHOPLINE, your store was assigned a default "myshopline.com" URL. To change this, you need to purchase a domain from third-party providers and bind it to SHOPLINE. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for adding a domain.

Note: If you haven't bound a custom domain, the system will enable password protection for your store. To disable password protection, please bind a custom domain.


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Adding and Binding Domain

To add and bind the domain you’ve purchased from a third-party provider, follow these steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Domain Name.
    1. Settings _ Domain Name.png

  2. In the Domain section, click Manage domain.
    2. Manage domain.png

  3. Click Add a domain name in the Multi-domain name management module.
    3. Add a domain name.png

  4. Follow the three steps accordingly to complete binding your domain. 
    4.1 Add a domain name: Enter the domain name you purchased from a third-party provider. Note that domains purchased from GoDaddy can be connected manually or automatically, while non-GoDaddy domains require manual setup. Then, click Next step.
    4-1. Add a domain name.png

    4.2 Analyze domain name: The system will automatically analyze the domain. Please wait patiently for the analysis to complete. 
    4-2(2) Analyzing Domain.png

    4.3 Domain binding success: Your domain name has been successfully linked to SHOPLINE in this step.
    4-3. Successful Binding.png


Once the SSL certificate is issued, your primary domain will automatically update to the new domain you've recently bound to SHOPLINE. Normally, the process is completed within 5 minutes.


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