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Introduction to Store Preparation Period


After purchasing your SHOPLINE plan, you are provided with a dedicated "store preparation period" to set everything up before the official launch. This article will guide you through essential considerations during the store preparation period and explain how to view the deadline.


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Understanding Store Preparation Period

Before your store officially launches, a "store preparation period" allows you to get everything ready. This timeframe is agreed upon with your merchant success manager. During this period, complete your store setup and launch it within the agreed deadline. Key points to note about this period include:

  • Complete your store setup before the deadline; otherwise, your plan automatically activates, and billing starts, even if your store isn't ready.
  • Customers can't visit your store until you activate it. Provide the necessary information promptly to avoid delays.
  • If you activate early (during the preparation period), billing starts from that date.



Checking Inactivated Store Status

To check the statuses of your inactivated stores, go to your store management page, click on Stores, and select the Stores to be activated tab.

1. Stores _ Stores to be activated.png


Viewing in List Mode 

In list mode, you can check the statuses of all inactivated stores in the Plan status column. The following explains the common statuses you may encounter.

2. Plan status.png

  • Pending: Stores in the pending status display the remaining time of the preparation period. During this period, the store plan is not yet being billed. Click Activate store to create your online store. Once created, the store plan will start being billed.
  • Active: Stores in the active status are at the end of the preparation period but with a plan: Once the preparation period is over, billing for the store plan will automatically start. If your plan has not yet expired, you can see the remaining time for your plan. Click Activate store and complete the required information promptly to activate your store.
  • Grace Period Exceeded and Plan Expired: Once the store preparation period expires, the plan for the store will automatically start billing. If you fail to activate the store during the billing period, you will be unable to activate it once the plan has expired.
  • Cancelled: If, for any reason, the plan ends prematurely, the status of the store will turn to cancel.


Viewing in Card Mode 

If you manage your stores in card mode, check the statuses of all your inactivated stores by accessing the first card in the top row. The card displays the summary information of all inactivated stories. Clicking Activate a shop will take you to the list page where you can view details and proceed with the activation.

3. Activate a shop.png


Switching between List Mode and Card Mode

Switch between list mode and card mode based on your preferences. To switch modes, click the Switch view button located at the upper right corner of the Stores page.

4. Switch 1.png

5. Switch 2.png

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