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Storefront Password Protection Guide

Password Protect is a login page that adds password protection to your online store. You can create a password and give it to customers who wish to access your store.

For trial stores, 24 hours after the cumulative GMV reaches USD500, we will automatically turn on the password protection which cannot be turned off unless you are subscribed to the package. Before reaching USD500, we will notify you by email and in Admin panel, so that you can be notified in advance.

At the same time, when the store is not bound with a custom domain name, we will automatically turn on the password protection which cannot be turned off. You will need to bind the custom domain name and set the custom domain name as the store's main domain name before turning off the password.


1. Password Protection Setup Instructions

Proceed to the Admin panel, under "Channel" click [Online Store] > [Preferences] and find "Password Protection" to setup. 


2. Setup 

2.1 The password protection will be automatically turned on during the trial store period

For stores during the trial period, 24 hours after the accumulated GMV reaches USD500, the system will automatically enable password protection and cannot be turned off.

You can click Preferences or "Turn off password protection" to enter the password protection settings page. Password protection can be turned off when you are subscribed to a package. 

For stores during the trial period, the system will also notify you before the accumulated GMV reaches USD500, so that you can be notified in advance.

When the accumulated GMV is about to reach USD500, a notification will show up in the Admin panel indicating that the store is about to trigger password protection. 

2.2 Manually enable password protection

For those who need to manually enable the password protection, you can select enable password protection in the password protection settings. At the same time, you can set the visibility of information for visitors, which will be displayed to the customer on the password page at the storefront. 


2.3 Disable password protection

For those who need to reopen the storefront to customers, click the "Remove Password" prompt at the top of the Preferences menu to quickly locate the password protection settings, and uncheck Enable password protection.


3.Storefront password protection page

3.1 Customer access to password-protected stores

Customers need to enter the password you set (if it is automatically opened by the system, it is the password preset by the system, and the preset password can be customized again and given to the customer) before they can access it. 


3.2 Storefront Renovation for visitors 

If your store has already turned on password protection, you can preview the store and view the effect of the decorations. The current password will be displayed at the bottom, as well as the shortcut to turn off the password protection.