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Selling and Marketing on Facebook with SHOPLINE


SHOPLINE's Facebook sales channel seamlessly integrates essential features necessary for Facebook media operations, enabling you to conveniently manage all related assets in one place. Through these features, you can effortlessly carry out operations like product feed synchronization, social media marketing, and advertising.

This article provides an overview of the common features and recommended strategies for selling on Facebook. You can sync your products with the Facebook catalog and create targeted ads and social media marketing campaigns. You can also connect your store with Facebook assets such as Pixel and CAPI. This integration enables you to better track the effectiveness of your ads from a data-driven perspective and conduct a comprehensive analysis.


In This Article



Common Features

  1. Selling products in your SHOPLINE store by running ads campaigns on Facebook: By syncing your products with the Facebook catalog, you can promote and sell the products and manage ads on Facebook. Learn how to sync items to Facebook.
  1. Reporting customers' purchase and behavior data in your SHOPLINE store to Facebook:
  1. Managing messages from multiple pages through Facebook Messenger: SHOPLINE provides two options for communication with Facebook customers:
    • Connect to Facebook Page: When you add the Send Message button to your page, customers can send messages to you via this button. You can receive messages and send replies via the Messages section of the SHOPLINE admin panel.
    • Install Facebook Messenger Plug-in on your SHOPLINE online store page: You need a Facebook account that has Business Manager permissions to install this plug-in. After Facebook Messenger is successfully installed, there is a chat window on the lower right corner of all pages for your online store. Customers can chat with you in this window. You can receive messages and send replies in the Messages section of the SHOPLINE admin panel or Facebook Messenger.
  1. Supporting customer quick login with Facebook accounts: This feature provides a fast method for customers to sign up for an account or log into your online store with their Facebook accounts. Learn how to enable customer login with Facebook account.



Recommended Practices (Common Marketing Strategies)

Building a successful presence on Facebook requires engaging your audience and fostering connections. Facebook provides a variety of recommended marketing strategies you can utilize to spark conversation, build trust, and ultimately drive sales through your SHOPLINE store. For full content, refer to this Facebook article.

  • Run a contest or giveaway: Encourage more likes, comments and shares by announcing a contest or giveaway. Ask your followers to share your post to incentivize participation, then choose a winner from the group of people who shared your post. Congratulate him/her in a different post. Beyond that, you can also consider announcing a future contest or giveaway for your audience to arouse audience’s expectation. ‍
  • Appropriately share positive reviews: It's exciting and uplifting when people say kind words about what you do. Share some comments in moderation so the rest of your audience can celebrate with you.  ‍
  • Summarize lessons learned from user feedback: Ask your Page followers for feedbacks and use it to improve your business. This is a great way to create transparency and openness with your audience and build brand trust. ‍
  • Ask your audience to make a choice (post): You can engage with your audience even when you don't have anything related to your business to share. A fun option is to ask them to make a choice, pick a favorite or decide between 2 things. When you ask your followers a friendly question, you can spark an interest that invites them to respond. 
  • Pose a question: Ask your audience a question to encourage conversation. You could ask how they're feeling that day or about their weekend plans. When your audience relates to your questions and you leverage their interests and needs, they may feel more inclined to respond and generate threads on your posts. ‍
  • Share industry news: When you share news about your industry, it shows your audience that you don't just care about promoting your business. You also care about keeping your Page followers informed of current topics that are relevant to them. ‍
  • Celebrate a holiday: Holidays, either nationally recognized or trending on social media, are opportunities for your Page to contribute to the celebration. Best Friends Day or Pet Day, for example, are light-hearted openings to celebrate common interests with your audience. These celebrations may vary depending on where you're located. ‍
  • Boost your best posts: If you posted something to your Page that received a lot of comments, likes and shares, it's likely because it was personal or meaningful to your audience. Try boosting that post to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers who haven't seen your Page yet. ‍
  • Create or boost an event: Create Events on your Page to build a community around your business and drive foot traffic to your establishment. You can also create events for sales, promotions, offers, new products or announcements. ‍
  • Reference your Stories: Page Stories let you share pictures and short videos that bring your audience behind the scenes, giving them an intimate look into your business. Talk about your new story in your post. 
  • Share anecdotes: A personal and heartfelt anecdote can help you build emotional connections with your audience and empathy for your organization, business or brand. Share the story of how your business began or struggles you had along the way. Or, try to capture and share stories from popular figures in your industry.


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