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Sync items to Facebook

SHOPLINE offers to sync items to Facebook via feed.

Before use

  • Please make sure you have the following qualifications/accounts
    • You have the advertising , if not, please ask the shop administrator to activate it.
    • You need to have a Facebook account that can log in to the business management platform, because you need to paste the feed address to the platform.





Step 1: Get the feed address

  • Entrance: Facebook Channel Page - Facebook Marketing Ads - Facebook Feed
  • To use this function for the first time, you need to copy the feed url
  • If you don't want to continue syncing items, just click the "Stop synchronizing data






Step 2: Paste the feed address to Facebook

  • Log in to Facebook E-commerce Manager
  • Enter catalog - data source - add product - add multiple products
  • Add Method Select Data Repository → Continue
  • Select the upload method to update the database regularly → continue
  • Paste the copied feed address in the address → continue
  • You can set your update frequency as needed, and closing the page will not affect data synchronization


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