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Setting Up Delivery Method

Before operating and promoting the store, it is important to set up a selection of shipping and return methods, as well as the related shipping fees for customers. This article will guide you in setting up shipping methods, shipping area/region, and the calculation for the fees.


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How To Navigate To The Shipping And Delivery Setting

There are 2 methods to navigate to the settings page.

  • Method 1: For newly created stores, you can go to [Home] > [Shop Opening Guidelines] > [Set delivery Logistics] or [Set delivery method].

    Delivery methods 1.png

    Delivery methods 2.png

  • Method 2: You can proceed to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery] to enter the shipping and delivery setting page.

    Delivery methods 3.png



Steps To Set Up Shipping Fee Plans

There are two types of shipping fee plans: Store shipping fee plans and Platform logistics plans.

If you have enabled the e-map for deliveries to Taiwan, the "delivery method" section will appear in the logistics setting. Click here to learn about delivery settings. 

There is two types of store shipping fee plan available: General shipping fees and Custom shipping fees.

General Shipping Fees

Each store can only have one general shipping plan, which applies to all products by default (excluding products with other custom shipping methods). There can be multiple regional shipping plans under the general shipping methods, and different regional shipping plans can be set according to different shipping areas/regions. Please complete the setting for the general shipping plan, which includes setting up applicable shipping areas and plans for shipping fees.

To set up a General shipping fee, proceed to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery] > [General shipping fees]. Then, you can select Add regional shipping fees (for newly created stores) or Shipping rate setting button. 

Delivery methods 4.png

Delivery methods 4.1.png

After selecting the products under this shipping profile, you need to add a shipping destination for the delivery method in Add a shipping zone (the "Zones and shipping rates" section) and click Create after finishing. For example, after selecting a region (the system selects all regions by default), you can edit the provinces or cities of the selected country/region. 

Delivery methods 5.png

You can proceed to the shipping zone to add/edit shipping fee details. 

To add a new shipping zone, please choose the Add the shipping rates button.

Delivery methods 6.png

To edit the existing shipping zone, please click on the first button in the Operate column.

Delivery methods 7.png

In the pop-up window for adding shipping rates, certain fields should be noted.

  • Shipping fee name: When customers check out products with different shipping costs, it will appear in the final combined shipping method and amount on the checkout page. Refer to the rule of combining shipping fees. (You can name the shipping plan with the available shipping countries, shipping cost, and the time for delivery, e.g.: "Free shipping Worldwide (7-15 Days)").

    Delivery methods 8.png

  • Shipping rate calculation: SHOPLINE currently supports 9 varieties of methods. For example, you can set a shipping plan with a zero shipping fee with a Fixed shipping method.

    Delivery methods 9.png

    You can also add conditional intervals to the charging method. For example, for packages weighing 0-10kg, charge $2 for the first 3 kg, then $0.5 for every additional 1 kg. For packages over 10 kg, charge $5 for the first 5 kg, then $2 for every additional 1 kg.

    Delivery methods 10.png
If the store sets the weight from 1kg, when the product is less than 1kg, the system will not display the shipping cost and the order cannot be submitted.

You can also set different ways of calculation. Remember to click Add and Update to save the settings.

Custom Shipping Fees

To set up a Custom shipping fee, please proceed to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery] > [Custom shipping fee].


Delivery methods 11.png


Click Create a new group to create a shipping method. 


Delivery methods 12.png


Enter the name for this custom group in Custom profile name (This name will not appear to the customers). Then, click Add Product to select the products. Those that were added to this custom product group will be automatically excluded from the product group using the general shipping fee.


Delivery methods 13.png


Delivery methods 14.png

To add shipping zone and shipping fee details, please follow the steps under the general shipping fee setup.



Rule of Combining Shipping Fees 

Fixed Rule 

If the shipping fee names are the same, the finalized shipping rate for different product groups will be the sum of them.

If the shipping rates have different names, the final shipping amount will be the sum of the cheapest option for each shipping plan and shown to customers with a fixed name at checkout (When the store language is in English, the name of the shipping plan is fixed as "Shipping".)

As shown below, if you have preset two shipping plans: one for clothing and one for accessories. Each plan respectively offers standard and express shipping options. If the standard and express shipping options are in the same name, customers who place an order that includes clothing and accessories will see both shipping methods at checkout.

  Shipping plan for clothing Shipping plan for accessories Display at checkout
Shipping fee

Standard $5

Express $10

Standard $3

Express $5

Standard $8

Express $15

If the names in the two shipping plans are different, the system will add up the cheapest option and appear as a fixed name at checkout.

  Shipping plan for clothing Shipping plan for accessories Display at checkout
Shipping fee

Standard $5

Express $10

Normal $3

Quick $5

Shipping $8


Combine Shipping Fees

You can provide your customers with more accurate shipping rules by setting different combinations of shipping rates.

In case your shipping settings are as follows:

  General shipping method Custom shipping method A Custom shipping method B
Product info

Dress C

  • Price: $23
  • Weight: 0.2kg

Suit S

  • Price: $48
  • Weight: 0.5kg

Accessory A

  • Price: $10
  • Weight: 0.15kg
Shippable area U.S.A U.S.A., Canada U.S.A., Canada
Combination of shipping fee

By price - 

  • If the total order price is within $25, the "Standard" shipping cost is $5.
  • If the total order price is more than $25, there will be a "Discount" shipping cost of $2.

By weight - 

  • If the total weight is within 2kg, the "Standard" shipping cost is $5.
  • If the total weight is more than 2kg, there will be an "Overweight" shipping cost of $8.

By quantity - 

  • If the order quantity is within 2 pieces, the "Standard" shipping cost is $5.
  • If the order quantity is more than 2 pieces, there will be a "Discount" shipping cost of $3.


According to the customer's order content, the shipping cost among different shipping plans will be superimposed at checkout, to provide customers with the most suitable shipping options.

  Product info Calculation for shipping cost Final shipping cost
Order A

Product: 1 Dress C + 1 Suit S

Recipient country: U.S.A.

For Dress C: Standard shipping costs $5

For Suit S: Standard shipping costs $5

"Standard" shipping cost" for $10 due to the same shipping plan name.
Order B

Product: 1 Dress C + 1 Suit S

Recipient country: Canada

The shipping cost combination is unavailable because Dress C is not shipped to Canada.

Nil (Customer cannot place this order)
Order C

Product: 1 Dress C + 5 Suit S

Recipient country: U.S.A.

For Dress C: Standard shipping costs $5

For Suit S: Overweight shipping costs $8

"Shipping" costs $13 due to the different shipping plan names.
Order D

Product: 2 Dress C + 4 Accessory A

Recipient country: U.S.A.

For Dress C: Discount shipping cost $2

For Accessory A: Discount shipping cost $3

"Discount" shipping cost" for $5 due to the same shipping plan name.


The shipping method introduction will not appear to the customers when the shipping charges are combined. If there is no shipping fee combined, the introduction will appear to the customers as usual.



Add/Update Shipping Zones and Rates

 Add A Shipping Plan 

After clicking Save to the new shipping plan, the page will jump to the regional plan page.

If you no longer need to add other shipping plans, you can directly click Update to save the regional plan. If you want to add more shipping plans, you can continue to click Add shipping rates to add other shipping plans.


Delivery methods 15.png


Edit Shipping Zone

Click the Shipping fee settings to start editing the shipping method and select the three-dot button. Then, choose Edit zone next to the shipping zone you are going to edit. If you need to edit a single shipping plan, click on the "pencil" icon in the Operation column on the right side of the corresponding shipping rate to edit it.


Delete The Whole Plan for A Region

Click on the three-dot button and select Delete to delete the whole shipping zone.

To remove a single shipping rate, click on the "bin" icon in the Operation column on the right of the rate. 


Delivery methods 16.png



[Coming Soon] Add Platform Logistics (OneShip)

In the Admin, go to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery] > [Add Platform Logistics] to navigate to the Shipping and Delivery setting. Apply for the platform logistics to set up the regional freight plan. Follow the steps for custom shipping fees for setting up the plan. 

Then, you can start applying for platform logistics and set up a delivery address after finishing the application. If you have any issues, please contact to apply for the platform logistics. 

Before setting up your address, it is recommended that you apply for the platform logistics first.

If you have already set up the platform logistics, go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Delivery Address.



Get in Touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.