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Managing Referrals in "Member System"


The member system can help you set up a referral program where both the referees and the referees can receive rewards. This allows you to effectively retain customers, increase the number of store members, and develop your brand.

By setting up referral rewards to motivate customers to recommend your brand through channels such as social media and email, you can effectively grow your customer base.


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Enabling/Disabling Referral Management

To enable/disable referral, go to Member System > Referrals > Current status > switch the toggle on.

You can enable or disable the referral management feature in the member system at any time.

After you set up rewards for referrers and referees for your store, make sure that referral management is enabled. Once enabled, new accounts created in your store using a referrer's link or referral code will be considered successful referrals.

If the dot to the right of Referrals in the menu is green, or the switch on the Referral management page is turned on, referral management is enabled.

After you disable referral management, the rewards for referrers and referees and the invitation methods and links will be invalid, and this module will not be displayed in the customer panel. Though no more rewards will be issued to customers, the rewards that have been issued can be used normally.



Reward Settings

You can set rewards for referrers and referees. After a member successfully invites someone, the referrer and the referee can receive their respective rewards.

Go to Referrals > Reward settings > Rewards for inviting /Rewards for being invited > Add a reward to set up.

Please follow below setting steps:

  1.  Add Rewards for inviting

You can set the corresponding rewards for referrers. After the referees complete the requirements of the referral program, the referrers can earn the corresponding rewards.

Note: Only one type of rewards for inviting can be set. If you want to change the reward for inviting, you can delete the current reward and reset it. Previously issued rewards are not affected.

After logging into the store, a referrer can click the member profile icon in the upper right corner of the store and go to the Member page. In the Rewards section, the referrer can view and use available rewards.


  1. Add  Rewards for being invited

You can set corresponding rewards for the referees, and the referees can enjoy the specific discount you set. The discount will be automatically applied when the referees place an order.

Note: Only one type of reward for being invited can be set. If you want to change the reward for being invited, you can delete the current reward and reset it. Previously issued rewards are not affected.


After logging into the store, an referee can click the member profile icon in the upper right corner of the store and go to the Member page. In the Rewards section, the referee can view and use available rewards.


Note: Referrers only receive rewards when referees fulfill the requirements set in your Member System. Here's a detailed explanation of the two ways to earn referral rewards:

  • Successful Orders: To qualify for the Successful orders reward, the referee must place their first-ever order. Previously imported orders or orders that were successfully placed but later canceled will disqualify the referrer from receiving the reward.

  • Register an Account:
    • The referrer will only receive the reward when the referee successfully registers an account using their referral link or code. If the referee registers through other means, the referrer will not receive any reward.
    • A customer's information might exist in your store, but that doesn't necessarily mean they've registered themselves. These customers will appear in your Member System's Customers section. They can become members with benefits and points, but only after completing self-registration. If they register using the referrer's link or referral code, they can still be qualified for the referral reward.

Scenarios for Existing Unregistered Customers:

    • The customer entered their email for order placement and email subscriptions, but hasn't completed self-registration.
    • The customer entered their email for subscriptions through a pop-up or the store footer, but hasn't completed self-registration.
    • You manually imported the customer, but they haven't self-registered their email address.




Referral Link Settings

You can set a unique referral link for customers to share when inviting others.

Go to Referrals > Referral link > Edit to set up.

By default, the URL link address is set to the homepage of your store. You can change the URL according to your needs and save the updated URL.



Referral Codes

You can generate referral codes for your customers here. These referral codes can be used as an alternative to the referral link. An referee can enter a referral code at registration, which will then be counted as a successful invitation after registration. 

Enable referral code in Referrals > Referral code > switch the toggle on. You can click the Preview display to preview how the referral code will be seen from the customers’ end. After enabling the referral code feature, if your customers do not have a referral code, the member system will send them an email that includes a referral code.



Social Media Settings

Customers can share referral links via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can customize the information customers share.

Go to Referrals > Social media > click the Edit button on the upper right.

Member System supports 3 social media setups:

  • Facebook: Facebook doesn't allow apps to set up custom messages. When customers recommend a link in this way, the system will prompt them to add a message.
  • X (Twitter): The default information for X (Twitter) and email can be entered in the pop-up.
  • Email: You can customize the title, content and the icon of the email, which will be shown in the customer panel. 




The email push feature helps you automatically push emails to customers in specific scenarios.

You can quickly set whether email push is triggered for scenarios, such as invitations and recommendations, in the Emails section of the Referral management page.

  • Select the checkbox in front of the email scenario to enable/disable email push.
  • If you want to edit any email, hover over the specific email and click Edit to go to the email editing page.
  • Click More to go to the email push page.


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