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TikTok Multi Pixel installation

TikTok Multi Pixels App on SHOPLINE allows your business to be shown to a wider potential consumer base. Through a simple installation process, you can use SHOPLINE TikTok Multi Pixel plugin to track the traffic brought to your site by TikTok traffic channels. Currently, up to 50 multi-pixel binding is supported, and pixel designates tracking product classification.


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Installing TikTok Multi Pixel

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Apps > App store.


  2. Search and install the TikTok Multi Pixel Installation App.


  3. Click on Authorize and Install to complete the installation.




Binding TikTok Pixel ID to SHOPLINE

  1. Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager, under the Assets tab and select Events in the drop-down menu.


  2. Under Web Events, click on Manage button.


  3. On the Web Events page, click on Create Pixel button.


  4. Enter your Pixel name and select TikTok Pixel, then click Next.


  5. Select Manually Install Pixel Code, then click Next.



  6. Select Custom Code, then click Next.


  7. Ensure settings are accurate, then click Complete Setup.



  8. Find and copy your Pixel ID.


  9. Head back to SHOPLINE, in your TikTok Multi Pixel Installation dashboard, click on New and paste your TikTok Pixel ID into the text box to complete binding process.





Checking if TikTok Pixel ID is installed successfully

There are three methods you can use to detect whether the bound Pixel is working:

  1. Pixel Helper detection (Chrome plugin)
  2. Detect by previewing ads
  3. Monitor in debug mode

Pixel Helper detection (Chrome plugin)

  1. Install the Tiktok Pixel Helper


  2. Click on your store interface, if the TikTok Pixel has been successfully bound, the Pixels detected by the self-checker will be displayed.


Here are some common prompts you'll see when using the TikTok Pixel self-checker plugin:

  1. If the Pixel code is installed correctly, it will display the Pixel name and the number of events defined under it.
  2. If the event is triggered, the rules of the event will be displayed, otherwise, it will not be displayed.
  3. If the Pixel location is installed incorrectly or is not installed, a corresponding prompt will pop up: "It is recommended that you modify the Pixel installation method".
  4. If a Pixel is installed multiple times, a corresponding prompt will pop up: "It is recommended that you install the Pixel code only once".
  5. When the Pixel code loading time is over time, a corresponding prompt will pop up: "Pixel code loading timed out, it is recommended to install it in the head".

For details, please refer to the TikTok Pixel self-checker documentation.


Preview ad detection

You can preview your ad on the TikTok ad management platform. Preview ads on the TikTok Ad Manager or mobile device. Ad previews are not billed.

It is recommended to use preview advertisement detection, which covers more events and provides more timely data feedback.

For details, please refer to the official TikTok documentation: How to preview ads.


Monitoring in debug mode

If you need more details when debugging your Pixel, debug mode can help.




Is this plugin currently incompatible with themes?

While all 17 of the current online themes are compatible, the older Pink, Brooklyn, Audio, and Simple themes are not supported.


Pixel has been bound to other platforms, can it still be bound to the SHOPLINE store?

Yes, a pixel can be bound to multiple stores (including multiple SHOPLINE stores), which is convenient for merchants to advertise and track operations more conveniently. However, currently TikTok does not officially support data statistics from different store sources, and all tracking data will be mixed together for statistics.


What are the trigger points of different events?
Currently, TikTok Pixel supports 7 events for tracking and reporting. The specific reporting time is as follows:

  • Page view - page loading
  • View Content - When product details are exposed, including product details page and Quick view.
  • Add to Cart - When the product is added to the shopping cart, click the Add Purchase, Check Out, PayPal buttons (product list/quick view/product details).
  • Initiate Checkout - When entering/initializing the checkout page.
  • Add Payment Info - Click the button to pay, including Complete Order/PayPal payment, etc.
  • Complete Payment -The order is completed when the thank you page is first loaded.
  • Search - When the user performs a search in the store and the search results page loads.




SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on our website, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our helpdesks with your queries.


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