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Ads Conversion Tracking


The Ads Conversion Tracking app is a comprehensive solution to the problem of under-reporting of Facebook ad data. It instantly returns the advertising effectiveness and the order data of the store to the Facebook Ads admin panel to help the placer accurately evaluate the advertising effectiveness.

To learn how to report ad data, please read the following content, or go to the Setup guide in the Ads Conversion Tracking app. 


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Installing the Ads Conversion Tracking

Search for "Ads Conversion Tracking" in the SHOPLINE App Store, click Install and Use to confirm app permissions.



Linking your Facebook Ads Account (ACT)

  • Go to Advertising account settings in the app, click the Add advertising account button, or click New advertising account on the Setup guide page, and then enter your Facebook Ads account ID in the pop-up window and select the time zone and currency of your Facebook account.
Notes: You must select the correct time zone so that the order data of your store can be synchronized correctly.



  • To learn how to get your Facebook Ads account ID, you can refer to the image below:



Installing the Chrome Plugin - Meta Advertise Helper

SHOPLINE's Ads Conversion Tracking app is available in the Chrome Web Store. To install and use it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Go to Chrome Web Store to install and enable the app Meta Advertise Helper in Google Play Store. You can easily download, install, and update the app at the Store. Alternatively, you can click the link below to install the app. https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/algdojamdpfmopohlldaeonjbieolcch?authuser=1

  2. After installing the app, you need to enable the Chrome plugin on the browser page.

    5-enable on ad manager web page.png

Note: The Ads Conversion Tracking app must be installed in the store before the Chrome plugin can be linked with the store for normal use. It is recommended that users should delete the version when installing a new one to avoid conflicts.




Creating a New Ad

When creating a new ad, you need to fill in the suffix provided by SHOPLINE at the end of the web page link so that the Ads Conversion Tracking can track the effectiveness. You can copy the suffix in this page or do it in Setup guide of the Ads Conversion Tracking app.

  • Add the ad tracking suffix:
    ? campaign_id={{campaign.id}}&adset_id={{adset.id}}&ad_id={{ad.id}}
  • If there is a "?" in the link, such as "https://abc.com/collections/tops? ads=16051443827259738296502589,16054808717519141012762589,16051443827657526078082589&show_page=first_page", the suffix needs to be changed to:


Adding Tracking Suffix for Stock Ads

For valid ads previously created, the order data can be published and saved after the suffix is added at the end of the tracking URL (the order data generated before the tracking suffix is added won't be counted). You can copy the suffix on this page or do it in the Setup guide of the Ads Conversion Tracking app.

  • The new tracking suffix for stock ads:



Viewing Advertisement Data

To access customized columns, click on Column: Performance > Customize columns to start setting. 

In the custom column for ad viewing, you need to rank the six display items to the top six:

  1. Ad ID
  2. Ad set ID
  3. Campaign ID
  4. Budget remaining
  5. Effect share  
  6. Purchase ROAS (return on ad spend)

The three IDs and the remaining budget must be displayed on all pages. If any of them aren't displayed, you can drag the slider to ensure that the order data of the store matches the ad placed. This setting can be saved as the default setting to avoid resetting it when viewing the data later. 

Notes: You can click to select any of the items that you want to view for each ad. The customized items can only be selected by ads, selecting for all ads is unsupported.



Exporting the Ad Data Sheet

The app allows you to export the data from the Facebook Ads Manager and Ads Conversion Tracking. Please note that you need to scroll the page to load all the data to be counted before exporting them.

11- export cta.png



Points for Attention

  1. You must select the correct time zone to ensure a consistent time range for order statistics so that the system can take the statistics correctly. For example, if a user places an order at 8:00:00 PM on November 1 (US time), the corresponding time in China is 8:00:00 AM on November 2. The latter is a day ahead of the former.

  2. If the SHOPLINE store link isn't displayed when turning on the Chrome plugin, you need to link the account from your SHOPLINE admin panel, and the Facebook Ads account you’ve currently logged in should be the account linked.

  3. One SHOPLINE store can be linked to multiple Facebook Ads accounts (ACTs), but one Facebook Ads account can only be linked to one SHOPLINE store. When you're trying to link a Facebook Ads account to multiple stores, "Parameter verification error" will be prompted. If you need to change the linked store, you can first go to the app page of the original SHOPLINE store to delete the linked Facebook Ads account.

  4. Ads Conversion Tracking works only for newly created advertisements and doesn’t support previously created ones. And the newly created ad must be correctly added to the suffix. (Please refer to the Creating a New Ad section )

  5. Currently, Ads Conversion Tracking supports Effects, ROAS, viewcontent, addtocart, and checkout statistics. To view the data, you need to display the corresponding indicators in the Facebook Ads admin panel. If you need other data fields, please contact our official customer service or account manager.

  6. The Chrome plugin can only be turned on and used in the Facebook Ads Manager browser page.

  7. The decompressed file of downloaded ZIP files can't be deleted. Otherwise, the Chrome plugin installed may become unavailable. If they're accidentally deleted, you can go to the plugin application page to reinstall it.
Note: If you want to use the new features of the new version, you need to re-download the new installation package and install it to activate the new features. If not updated, the old version is still compatible.


  1. In case of no data display or other abnormalities, check whether the plugin is turned on and correctly linked to your store. If correct installation and operation procedures are followed but there is still no data displayed, refresh the web page and try again.

  2. In case of redirection error or redirection failure with the advertising link, check if there are multiple "?" in the parameters added. If there are multiple "?", please change the "?" after the first "?" to "&" to avoid recognition failure of link parameters. (For example, if it is found that the links generated by the Product boost extension app have "?" parameters, the merchant is required to make manual modifications.)
Note: For example, if the link is www.sample.com/productname?top1, you need to add the following ad parameter:
www.sample.com/productname? top1&campaign_id={{campaign.id}}&adset_id={{adset.id}}&ad_id={{ad.id}}


  1. For the statistics on the dashboard, orders without channel information will be included in Other channel. For example, if the channel isn’t specified in the source of an order, it will be classified into Other.
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