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Facebook Data Reporting Assistant

Facebook's data reporting assistant is here to help businesses solve the missed Facebook Ad data caused by the iOS14+ privacy policy so advertisers can place more targeted ads! 


This article will be covering the following: 


1. Facebook Data Reporting Assistant Installation

In SHOPLINE Admin, install the "Assistant" and confirm access. 


2. Bind with Facebook Ads Account (ACT)

Click the "Add  an Ad Account" button, in the pop up window, enter the Facebook Account number and the Facebook account time zone. Make sure you have the right time zone as this will affect the order syncing process. Get the Facebook Account ID Number. 



3. Chrome browser plugin installation 

On 11/22, the update will be available on the Chrome App Store to download for your convenience. Click the link to go directly to download (must have already installed the Facebook Data Reporting Assistant app in order to correctly bind with the store for use) or click the "Install" button on the facebook page. 


*Note: It is recommended users who installed the new version can delete and uninstall the old version as to avoid system conflicts. 


1) Chrome extensions management page

  • Open the chrome browser extension management page by clicking on the puzzle icon on the top right corner and click "Manage Extensions". 
  • Switch on the "Developer mode" toggle on the top right corner. 





2) Click "Install" and proceed to the Chrome Web Store 

3) Once installation is complete it will available to use

  • Once installation is complete it will show up in the extension list and ready for use.
  • Turn on the Chrome extension switch in the Facebook Ad Management Platform browser


4. Create New Ad 

Once you have filled in the target URL, copy and paste the suffix.  


The new version ( published 11/18) suffix: 

5. Add tracking suffix to advertisement 

For ads that have already been placed, the suffix will be added after the tracking URL is saved. ( the data before the suffix was added will not be calculated)

New version of advertisement data tracking suffix:


6. View placed advertisement data 

It is necessary to arrange the six display items of  "Ad Group ID", "Campaign ID", "Ad ID", "Spending Amount", "Performance" and "ROAS-Purchasing" to the top 6 display items in the custom column of the advertisement view. Each page should be able to display at least three ID numbers and the amount spent, if not displayed, you can drag the slider in order to ensure that the store order data can be matched with the advertisement. (you can save this as the default setting to avoid the need to reset it when viewing it later)



2. Notes

1. The time zone selected for binding must be accurate, and the range of order statistics time must be consistent, so that the system can correctly perform convert statistics. For example: if a user places an order at 20:00:00 on November 1st, US time, and the corresponding country time is at 08:00:00 on November 2nd, there will be a one-day time difference.


2. If the bound SHOPLINE store is not displayed when opening the Chrome browser extension, you need to go to the Admin panel to bind the account, and the logged-in Facebook advertising account in the current browser must be the bound account.


3. Multiple Facebook advertising accounts (ACT) can be bound to one SHOPLINE store, but one Facebook advertising account can only be bound to one SHOPLINE store. If you need to switch stores for binding, you can go to the original SHOPLINE store panel to delete the bound advertising account.


4. The Facebook Data Reporting Assistant only takes effect for newly created ads, and does not support ads created in the past. And the newly created ad must ensure that the suffix is ​​added correctly. (See step 4)


5. The current data reporting assistant only supports "Performance" and "ROAS" data. If you need other data fields, you can contact the official customer service or account manager.

The new version (launched on November 18th) adds the statistics of "Performance" total and "ROAS" total average. The total data does not include the ads without parameters.


6. Chrome浏览器插件仅能在Facebook广告管理后台浏览器页面打开使用。The Chrome browser extension can only be opened and used on the browser page of the Facebook ad management background.


7. The downloaded zip file and the decompressed file cannot be deleted. Deleting it will will cause the Chrome extension to not work. If you accidentally delete it, you can go to the extension page to download and install it again.

After the new version (launched on November 18), if you need to use the new features, you will need to download the new installation package. The old version is still compatible with the use of the old version without updating. In the future, this application will be put on the Google Chrome webstore. After it is online, it will be installed and used in the application market without manual installation. 


8. When encountering abnormal situations such as no data display, please confirm whether the plug-in is enabled and correctly bound to the store. The installation and operation steps are correct but there is still no data to refresh the webpage and try again.


9. The new version will be launched on November 18. The new added features include the data of the total value of "Performance", the total average value of "ROAS", the filling of the suffix parameters to existing advertisements and the optimization of some user interaction experience. 



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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