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Creating Blogs

Blogs are one of the important sources of independent website traffic. When independent website sellers create blogs, they can not only attract traffic to their websites and promote their own products, but also build trust with potential consumers, build communities around products and brands through blogs, and shape and strengthen their brand image.


1. Blogs and Blog Categories

You may create different series of blogs about your products, brands, how your customers learn to use your products, news, and more. 

Blog Categories is to classify blogs in the same series, which is not only helpful for you to manage your own blogs but also convenient for customers to quickly find or subscribe to the same series of blogs they like;


A. Create a Blog

You can create a blog creation page by clicking the Blog option on your SHOPLINE admin > Online Store > Blog. After entering the creation page, you may enter the title, abstract, text, author and other information according to the instructions, upload the cover image, and optimize the SEO management to complete the blog creation.




B. Create a Blog Category

You can create a blog category directly in the process of creating a blog, or you can create a blog category on the [Manage the Blog Categories] page;

  • create blog category while creating a blog:


  • create blog category through [Manage the blog category] option




2. How to invite your customers to subscribe to your blog?

A. What is an RSS feed?

RSS feed is a format for describing and synchronizing website content. It is the most widely used XML application. It allows customers to obtain your latest blogs, online magazines and other content more conveniently, and ensures that customers can view blogs in a timely manner.

SHOPLINE will automatically generate an RSS feed for each blog category you create. Customers who like your blog can use the RSS feed to subscribe to a blog category (a collection of blogs in the same series). When the next blog post is updated in this blog category, customers can be notified in time and easily view it.

B. How to lead customers to subscribe to your blog category via RSS feed?

Customers need to copy the blog category link along with ".atom" into their own readers. For example, the URL link of one of your blog categories is "", then your customer would need to copy "" into the reader to subscribe to this blog collection.

You may refer to the following for specific steps:

  • View URL link for blog category


  • Add RSS Feed Links to your Blog Content

For example, if you want to guide customers to subscribe to the same series of articles "news" in an article, you can enter the content with the RSS feed link in the body, such as "Subscribe to this blog's RSS feed using”


Update/Save and publish this blog, and you're done!



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE admin, website, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.



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