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Refining Product Searches with Product Filters & Color Swatch


The Product Filters & Color Swatch app equips your customers with filters to narrow down product searches based on various criteria, ultimately leading to faster product discovery and potentially increased sales.

This guide explores the functionalities of the app, empowering you to create a more user-friendly shopping experience. 


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Installing Product Filters & Color Swatch

Here's how to install the Product Filters & Color Swatch app:

  1. Go to Apps > Go to App Store in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

  2. Search for Product Filters & Color Swatch and click Install.

  3. Once installed, access the app through Apps > Product Filters & Color Swatch in your SHOPLINE admin panel.



Utilizing the App's Features

  1. Go to the Filter section of the app.

  2. Configure the display positions of filters on both mobile and desktop, with real-time preview.

  3. Customize how these filters collapse.

  4. Tailor filters such as size, color, and price. If necessary, click Add filter to include more options.

Once the filters are configured, they will be applied to the product list page in your store. Refer to the examples of display effects below:

  • Fixed at top

  • Fixed to left side


Note: Since the sidebar functions as a menu bar in the Simple theme, it is recommended to set the filter to Fixed at top for optimal performance. Otherwise, the filter may not function properly.


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