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Affiliate Distribution-Function Introduction

1. The opening and closing of the affiliate distribution system

1.1 Affiliate distribution system setup entry

There are two paths to enter the alliance distribution system

The first type: If you have not added the "Affiliate Distribution System" application, you can install it in "Apps" > "App Market" > "Affiliate Distribution System". After installation, you can find the "Affiliate Distribution System" in My App.


The second type: If you have added it as "My App", you can enter "App" > "My App" > "Affiliate Distribution System"


1.2 Close affiliate distribution

When you want to close the affiliate distribution system, you can delete it in "Apps" > "My Apps" > "Affiliate Distribution System" > "Delete". When your mouse hovers over the "Affiliate Distribution System", you can see the deletion, click to confirm the deletion.

  • When you close/uninstall the affiliate distribution system, you cannot enter the distribution page, the distributor cannot log in to the distributor center, and the distribution function no longer takes effect
  • The distribution data in your store will be retained. When you install the affiliate distribution system again, the original pending orders will continue to be generated, and the original distributors will continue to review and restore the function.


2. Affiliate distribution overview page

2.1 Distributor registration link

You can see the distributor registration link on this page. The link address of the long link & short link is "Recruitment Landing Page". The short link is generated corresponding to the long link. A long link can correspond to multiple short links. Click on the right The shortcut copy button can copy the corresponding long/short link.

You can click "Refresh" next to the short link to refresh the short link and copy the new short link. When you refresh to generate a new short link, the previously generated short link can still be accessed.

You can click the Facebook and Twitter charts below to quickly jump to the Facebook and Twitter pages.


2.2 Overview of recent performance data

You can view the store's recent distribution data on the overview page, including: the number of distribution orders, the amount of distribution paid, the number of commissions, and the number of distributors.


  • You can filter the date range you want to view in the time filter on the right. The default selection is 30 days, and you can select a maximum of 90 days here. At the same time, it supports to quickly filter the data of the last week/last month;
  • Line charts can help you better understand the changes in store data;
  • When your mouse moves to a specific point on the line chart, the specific value at that point will be displayed.


3. Distributor management

3.1 Add distributor

There are two ways to add distributors: you can manually add them in the background or users can apply to become distributors on their own.

Distributor list page

You can search for distributors by distributor name/email/mobile phone number on the distributor list page, or view distributors at different levels by filter level.

  1. Add distributor

(1) Entrance

"Affiliate Distribution" - "Distributor" - "Add Distributor"


(2) Setting steps

Step 1: Set the distributor name

Step 2: Set the distributor email address

Step 3: Optional discount code. If you set an exclusive discount code for the distributor, the discount code must be the only discount code and cannot be reused


(3) Manually add distributor status

Distributors you add manually will be regarded as approved distributors after they are added and do not need to be reviewed again; after the addition is complete, the distributors will receive an email, click the registration link in the email to enter the "Distributor Background - Change Password" page ”, the user can fill in the password in this page, and after setting the password, he can enter the background of the distributor.


  1. Users can apply to become distributors on their own

After you publish the recruitment page on the website, users can register by clicking the "Join Button" in the recruitment page. After successful registration, they will enter the list of distributors to be reviewed. "The Distributor's Application.

Audit entry: "Affiliate Distribution" - "Distributor" - "To be reviewed"

You can also modify the review settings to automatically pass the application of distributors. Only the distributors who have passed the review can get commissions for the promoted orders.




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