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Commission Groups


With Commission Groups, you can establish different groups for your store's distribution program and allocate separate commissions to each group. When a referral order is generated, the commission a distributor can receive is calculated based on their current group as defined in your commission group settings.

You have the option to manually adjust a distributor's commission group or activate Auto tier commission on the Commission groups page. When a distributor reaches the level threshold you've established, the distribution system will automatically adjust their commission group.


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Setting up Commission Groups

When initiating the distribution system, your distribution program will include a basic commission group known as the 'Default Affiliate Group.' The commission rate for this group corresponds to the settings established in the starter's guide. All approved distributors are initially assigned to this basic group, which cannot be deleted. However, you have the flexibility to adjust their commission groups at a later stage.

Furthermore, you have the option to create additional commission groups, which can be deleted if necessary.

Managing Commission Groups

  1. From the Affiliate Marketing System admin panel, navigate to Coupons & Rewards > Basic commission tab to access all commission groups within your store.
  2. In the commission groups list, you will find details such as the group name, basic commission rate, the count of products with specified commissions in each group, and the number of distributors in each group.
  3. Click on the Edit button for each row to access the group details and settings.
  4. Additionally, if you click on the data of the affiliates under the Total affiliates column, the system will redirect you to the Affiliate management page, where you can view specific members.

Steps to Create Commission Groups

  1. Go to Coupons & Rewards > Basic commission > the + Add new button above the group list.
  2. Enter a custom name for your group in the Group name field. You can modify the name later.
    Note: Only you and your store staff will see the group name. Distributors won't have access to this.
  3. Set the commission type and specific amount for distributors in this group under the Basic commission type field. The basic commission rate applies to all store products. If no special product commission rate is set for a product, the basic commission rate will be used for referral orders.
  4. Under Special product commission, you can assign different commission rates to specific products in your store. When customers purchase these products through a distributor's link, the commission will be based on the special product commission instead of the basic commission. To promote specific products, you can set a special product commission rate to encourage distributors to recommend them more.
  5. After reviewing and confirming the information of the group, click Create.
Note: The type of special product commission within the same commission group aligns with the Basic commission type you've set. If the basic commission type is Percentage per item, then the special product commission will also be percentage-based. Likewise, if the basic commission type is Flat rate per item, then the special product commission will follow suit. However, setting a special product commission is not supported when the basic commission fee type is Flat rate per order.


Steps to Modify Commission Groups

  1. You can modify the information of commission groups at any time. In the Basic commission tab, click on any group.
  2. Except for the Basic commission type, which can’t be modified, you can change any other details within the group, such as the Group name, commission rate, commission fee amount, and Special product commission.
  3. Click Update.
  • All commission groups, except for the Default group, can be deleted.
  • If any distributor remains in a group that is deleted, they will be automatically transferred to the default group when you delete the group. The default group cannot be deleted, so you will not find a Delete button in the default group section.



Set Commissions Based on Sales Relation Binding Time

When you set the sales relationship of the distribution system to Bind after account registration, a new module will appear in each group: Set commissions based on sales relation binding time.

Under this sales relationship, only customers who have a binding relationship with a distributor can generate a commission for the distributor. You can set a special commission rate for distributors, where their basic commission rate is calculated based on the time when customers are bound to the distributors.


Steps to Set Commissions Based on Sales Relation Binding Time:

  1. Enable Set commissions based on sales relation binding time in any commission fee group.
  2. You can set commission rates based on the binding time of the customer relationship.
  • The default first tier is once the sales relationship is bound, and the commission rate matches the basic commission rate set for the group.
  • You can add tiers to set a customer relationship binding time of "x" years, with a commission rate of "x%".
  • Up to five tiers can be added, and you can delete any tiers you add. The default first tier can't be deleted.
    • If your settings are:
      • Once the customer relationship is bound, the commission rate is 5%.
      • When the customer relationship has been bound for two years, the commission rate is 10%.
    • The commission rates for customers bound to distributors: Customer A's relationship with Distributor 1 started on September 1, 2022:
      • From September 1, 2022, to September 1, 2024, each order placed by Customer A in the store brings a 5% commission rate to Distributor 1.
      • Starting from September 1, 2024, each order placed by Customer A in the store brings a 10% commission rate to Distributor 1.
  1. If your group also sets Special product commission, distributors can receive special product commission when specific products are included in customers' orders. If no special product commissions are set for the items in the orders, distributors receive basic commissions based on the time of the relationships.
Note: Set commissions based on sales relation binding time only supports the product commission rate type. If you set the Basic commission type of a commission group as Flate rate per item or Flate rate per order, you can't simultaneously enable Set commission based on sales relation binding time for that group.



Adjusting Distributor's Commission Groups

You can manually adjust the commission groups for distributors. Once you make adjustments, distributors will receive the commission fees associated with their updated groups.


Steps to adjust distributor commission groups:

  1. From the Affiliate Marketing System admin panel, go to Management > Affiliate management tab and click on any affiliate's profile.
  2. In the Commission groups module, you can view the current group, basic commission, and special product commission within the group.
  3. Click Edit to modify the group for the distributor.
  4. Click Edit.

After the adjustment, the distributor will receive the new commission fee corresponding to the selected commission group.



Automatic Upgrades for Commission Groups

In addition to manually adjusting groups, you can also enable Auto tier commission. This feature allows the system to automatically adjust a distributor's group when they meet upgrade conditions. Once enabled, the system will calculate distributors' recent data every day at midnight. Distributors who meet the requirements for a higher tier will be moved to the corresponding commission groups, while those who don't meet the current tier's criteria will be moved to lower groups. 

Note: When enabling the Auto tier commission feature, if you manually adjust a distributor's grouping within the automatic upgrade rules, the distribution system will recalculate his or her tier based on his or her data at midnight. This may result in another automatic adjustment to his or her grouping.


Steps to Set up Auto Tier Commission for Commission Groups:

  1. From the Affiliate Marketing System admin panel, go to Coupons & Reward > Basic commission > Auto tier commission above the group list.
  2. Enable Auto tier commission.
  3. In the Upgrade rule section, select the calculation rule for automatic upgrades:
  • Based on sales: Calculated based on distributors' cumulative affiliate order value.
  • Based on orders: Calculated based on distributors' cumulative distribution orders.
  • Based on commission amount: Calculated based on distributors' cumulative commission fee.
  1. In the list below, set your upgrade conditions:
  • Tier 1 is the default group and can't be modified or deleted. The condition value to reach tier 1 is 0, meaning that once a distributor's application is approved, he or she will be placed in the default group.
  • In the Group column, you can choose the commission groups corresponding to this tier.
  • In the Condition value column, you can set the condition for auto tier commission to corresponding groups for this tier. For example, a distributor's cumulative sales need to reach $100.
  1. Click Update.


  • You can set up to five tiers, and any additional tiers you add can be deleted at any time.
  • Once auto tier commission is set, the distribution system adjusts distributors' groups based on their latest data in the store at midnight each day.

Example: Tier 1 is the default group with a condition of $0. Tier 2 is Group A with a condition of $100. When a distributor's sales reach $100 or above, he or she will automatically upgrade from the default group to Group A.

  • Deleting a group within the auto tier commission will change the automatic upgrade rules (the corresponding tier and any subsequent tiers of the group will be deleted together).
    Example: Tier 1 is the default group, Tier 2 is Group A, Tier 3 is Group B and Tier 4 is Group C.
    • If you delete Group C, Tier 4 will also be deleted.
    • If you delete Group B, Tiers 3 and 4 will also be deleted.



How is Commission Calculated in Referral Orders?

When different commission rates are set for products in a referral order, the commission fee for the order is the sum of the commission fees for each product. The commission fee calculation priority for each product is as follows: Special product commission > Basic commission.

The distribution system calculates commission fees based on the settings for each product.

  • Products with special product commissions will have their commission fees calculated based on the special product commission.
  • Other products in the order (those without special product commission) will have their commission fees calculated based on the basic commission.
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