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Affiliate Marketing - Bill Management


To start using the Affiliate Marketing system, you configure a billing date. Each month, on the designated billing date, the system will automatically generate the bill for the current month. If your referral orders have been approved and have passed the lock-up period for transaction fees, they will be included in the current bill.

Within the Bill Management page, you can search for bills, promptly mark them as paid, and export them as needed.


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Bill Management

On the Bill Management page, you can access all bills generated by the Affiliate Marketing system. By using the All and Unpaid filters above, you can view bills in various states. 

  • Billing date: For each bill, only one bill is generated per month, corresponding to the respective month.
  • Commission amount: The commission fee amount on this bill corresponds to the total payable amount. 
  • Personal bonus: The payable amount for the personal bonus is included in this bill. 
  • Team bonus: The amount payable for the team bonus is reflected in this bill.
  • Unpaid commission amount: The unpaid commission fee and bonus amounts. You have the option to mark each affiliate for payment individually in the billing details, allowing the total amount to be paid to be less than or equal to the total commission fee and bonus.
  • Status: The current status of the bill.
    • Unpaid: This bill remains unpaid and is currently in an unpaid status.
    • Paid partially: In this bill, certain affiliates have been marked as paid, indicating partial payment.
    • Paid: The bill has been settled in full.
  • Payment: Bills in Unpaid or Paid partially status can be marked for payment. After marking, both the bill status and the data in the bill details will undergo a status change.
  • Please be aware that you are responsible for completing the payment to the affiliate.
    • The bill management page serves solely for status recording purposes, and you can mark a bill for payment in the system after the payment is processed.
    • Upon marking, the marketing system will notify the affiliates of the bill separately, and the bill status in the affiliate's personal center will also be updated accordingly.



Bill Export

You also have the option to export your bill to a form and download it locally. 



  1. On the Bill management page, click Export.
  2. Selecting the export range:
  • All bills: Check this option to export all bills in the Affiliate Marketing system.
  • Bills eligible for filtering: In the Bill management page, filter the bills first and check this option to export bills eligible.
  • Selected bills: In the Bill management page, click the checkbox before the billing date first and check this option to export part of bills.
  1. Go to Bulk processing progress to download the exported form.
  • After clicking Export, you can go to Bulk processing progress by following the prompt in the upper right corner.
  • You can also click your Avatar and select Bulk processing progress in your SHOPLINE admin panel.



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