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Smart Landing Page


The Smart Landing Page is a powerful tool for crafting high-converting advertising pages tailored to festive and sales events. It empowers sellers to design store landing pages for promotional campaigns using a rich library of built-in components, festive templates, and intelligent product recommendation algorithms. Furthermore, the tool offers data analysis and optimization suggestions to track page usage and marketing performance, thereby boosting your store's sales potential.

The Smart Landing Page plugin features the following characteristics:

  • An ever-expanding library of components/templates: The Smart Landing Page tool comes with an integrated library of 44 components and nearly 100 high-quality page templates, empowering you to quickly create multiple landing pages.
  • Data analysis to better understand page performance: The built-in data analysis section summarizes data with essential business data metrics: page views, number of visitors, and bounce rate to help you further understand page performance.
  • Page optimization monitoring: Upon page creation, the tool scans and identifies optimization opportunities within the page list. It then presents these insights to you for enhancing page elements and improving overall performance.
  • AI-enhanced conversions: The built-in intelligent recommendations and sorting features empower you to optimize conversion rates.


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Installing and Using Landing Pages

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps. Search for Smart Landing Page Builder and click to install it.
  2. After installation, go to the SHOPLINE admin panel > Apps, and click it to enter the app interface.



Creating/Editing Landing Page Projects

In the admin panel of Smart Landing Page Builder, click Page management > Create the page.

  1. You can either choose a template or create your template by clicking Create blank page.
  • The Smart Landing Page Builder plugin offers nearly 100 distinct style templates, allowing you to view the effects or apply them directly; simply hover over a template and click Preview or Select a template for use.
  • Alternatively, you can create a blank page by clicking Create blank page, then proceed to edit Page name and Enable header/footer, followed by clicking Create to access the page editor.
  1. Edit Page Content: The editor page is divided into several areas:
  • Component Editing: You have the freedom to add, modify, or delete various types of components. You can also rearrange their order using drag-and-drop functionality. In regards to different components, you can customize all display information, such as titles, images, videos, and products. For text-based elements like titles, the Smart Landing Page Builder plugin offers an AI Copywriting Suggestions feature. By inputting key information, you can generate a copy with a single click from the AI-powered feature.
  • Preview Area: This section provides a real-time preview of how your page will appear on the storefront after publishing. As you make adjustments to the page content, the preview area updates instantly, enabling you to switch between viewing the web and mobile versions of the page layout.
  • Publish/Page settings Area: This is where you manage page publication and related information settings, including Land Page Title Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Template Settings Area: Within this section, you can configure the styles of your page, such as its layout, colors, and fonts.



Managing Pages and Groups

On the Overview, Page management, and similar pages, you can manage and view a list of created landing pages. You can perform various operations such as Preview, Edit page, Copy page, Page setup, and Join group.


You can manage page groups in the Page management section.

  1. Click grouping tab to view details. Click a specific group to see the list of pages within that group.
  2. Click Create groups to create a new group.
  3. Click the three-dot button to rename or delete a group.



Viewing Page Conversion Data

You can view the conversion data for a specific page by clicking the View report button above the page list.

The Smart Landing Page Builder plugin provides metrics such as PV, Visitors, Add-on visitors, Completed checkout visitors, Add-on rate, and Conversion rate for you to review.

The metrics are defined as follows:

Metric Definition
PV The number of times the page is viewed, pageviews (PVs). Each visit is recorded once.
Sessions The number of unique visitors (UVs) who accessed the page.
Add-to-cart Sessions The number of visitors who added items to their cart, UV.
Completed Checkout Visitors The number of visitors who completed the checkout process and made a payment, UV.
Add-on Rate Add-on visitors / Visitors.
Conversion Rate

Completed checkout visitors / Visitors.

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