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Additional Information Setup

SHOPLINE additional information can be used to collect customer-related performance information (such as tax ID, customs clearance code, ID number, etc.) for different countries to help you handle cross-border delivery or payment issues more conveniently.


1. Setup Process

Scenario: You need to collect Tax IDs from customers whose shipping address is in the United States.

Step 1. In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Checkout Settings] > [Additional Information), scroll down and check the box for "Customers will see Additional Information at checkout list".





Step 2. Click Edit applicable country list to confirm whether the list includes "United States".

i. If it is not on the list of applicable countries, click Add and select the options below:

    • Select Country: You can select by keyword search or drop-down menu.
    • Enter Display Information: This information will appear in the field.
    • Select Requirements: This field can be required or optional.

Click Save to complete the setup.



ii. If the country is already on the list of applicable countries, click the "pencil" icon to confirm the display information and requirements. Click Save to confirm the settings.




Step 3. The country added is active by default.


Now, customers whose delivery address is in the United States can see the additional information box on the payment page. 


2. Configuration Information

Additional information can be divided into two types: The default configuration information provided by SHOPLINE and the custom one.


A. Default Configuration Information

i. Applicable countries

  • SHOPLINE has configured additional information fields by default for 29 countries.
  • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, Italy, Kenya, South Korea, Morocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Paraguay, Senegal, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, and South Africa are supported.

ii. Considerations for setup

  • If you want to collect the default configuration information of a certain country during the checkout process, you will need to switch on the active status of the corresponding country in [Settings] > [Checkout Settings] > Edit applicable country list in "Additional Information".
  • You can set the additional information of the default configured countries to be a required and optional field. 
    • Note: If you set it to be a required field, the information entered by the customer will be verified. If the field is optional, the information entered by the customer will not be verified.
  • If you accidentally delete the default configuration of a certain country, you can retrieve it by adding the country back to the list as Step 2 mentioned above. 


B. Custom Configuration Information

Notes for setup:

  • You can customize the additional information field of any country.
  • The information format will not be validated if you customize the "additional information" field of the default configured countries.
  • If the country that you customize has default configuration information in the system, there will be a prompt reminder when you make modifications to it.