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ShareASale Help Instructions


Independent merchants looking to boost traffic can not only utilize ad platforms such as Google or Facebook but also ad networks like ShareASale. The ShareASale platform is one of the three major ad networks on the market, with over 16,000 active merchants promoting their products through ShareASale. Merchants using ShareASale have been shown to increase sales by 15% - 20%, click here to view more detailed data

Merchants can use the ShareASale app to quickly and easily bind and access the ShareASale platform accounting without any need for coding.


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Binding Store Platform Account

To bind a ShareASale platform account, follow these steps:

  1. Bind the SHOPLINE store domain when registering the ShareASale platform account.
Note: For accounts registered and bound to other store domains, view the FAQ section below.


  1. Complete the corresponding steps according to the ShareASale account activation guide. Select Sales Program in the Commissions step when setting the account transaction fee type.
  2. In the Tracking Code Installation step, select Developer Install mode.
Note: After SHOPLINE is bound to ShareASaleID, the tracking code is automatically installed in the store, and no manual installation is required again.


  1. Copy the tracking code to the app, which takes effect once saved.

  2. Follow the guide to complete the store tracking code installation verification test.
Note: The order amount must exceed USD 1, and can be refunded after the test is passed. If ShareASale fails to receive the test order, you can try to create the order via Cash on Delivery.


  1. After the above steps have been completed, follow the process guide to set up the account on the ShareASale platform, and then start creating referral activities.




  1. What should I do if I previously registered a ShareASale platform account but bound it to another store domain?

You can install the ShareASale app in the new store you want to bind with to complete your ShareASale account binding and replace the store domain with the domain name bound to the original ShareASale account (after the account ID binding is completed, the store will install the tracking code). Alternatively, after installing the ShareASale app in the new store you want to bind with to complete the ShareASale account binding, you can contact the official personnel on the ShareASale platform to change the domain name bound to the account.

  1. How is the referral order amount calculated?

The order amount passed by the store to ShareASale is the customer’s actual payment amount excluding tax and postage (transaction fees can be reduced to a certain extent).

  1. Can the ShareASale platform account bound to the SHOPLINE store be updated?

If the merchant has updated their ShareASale platform account, you can directly enter the new ShareASale platform account ID in the ShareASale app within the SHOPLINE merchant’s admin. Save the changes to complete the replacement.

  1. Can multiple ShareASale platform accounts be bound to one store? Can one ShareASale platform account be bound to multiple SHOPLINE stores?

For now, multiple ShareASale platform accounts cannot be bound to one store (if you have this need, you can contact customer service or operators for feedback). A ShareASale account can only be bound to one store, as per ShareASale’s official restriction. An account can only be bound to one domain name.

  1. What should I do if ShareASale fails to receive the test order?

In case ShareASale fails to receive the test order, you can try Cash on Delivery for verification.

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