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ShareASale Help Instructions

Application introduction

1. Using the ShareASale app can help merchants easily and quickly bind and access the ShareASale platform account without code operation . In addition to advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook, the network alliance platform is also an indispensable source of traffic for independent website merchants.

2. The ShareASale platform is one of the three major online alliance platforms in foreign countries. It has 220,000 alliance members for marketing and promotion for merchants. There are more than 16,000 merchants promoting their products through ShareASale. The number of merchants who use the ShareASale platform to promote can increase 15% -20% of sales (reference data).

Store platform account binding process

1. Bind the Shopline store domain name when registering the ShareASale platform account (ps. For the registered account, see the FAQ below). Fill in your SHOPLINE website under the Publishing Information.
(Platform account registration address: https://account.shareasale.com/merchant/signup.cfm)


2. After registering the ShareASale platform account, copy the platform ID to the Shopline merchant background to open the ShareASale plugin, and enter the ID to complete the binding operation.


3. Then complete the corresponding steps according to the account activation guidelines of the ShareASale platform, and select "Sales Program" when setting the account commission type.


4. Select the "Developer Install" mode in the tracking code installation mode step (when completing step 2, the tracking code has been automatically installed to the store).


5. Follow the guidelines to complete the store tracking code installation verification test (the amount of the ps order must exceed 1 USD, and the order can be refunded after the test is passed).
6. After the above steps have been completed, follow the process guidelines to set up the account on the ShareASale platform, and then start the creation of distribution activities!

common problem

1. What should I do if I have previously registered a ShareASale platform account and bound other store domain names?
A: You can install the ShareASale app in the new store to be bound to complete the ShareASale account binding operation, and replace the store domain name with the domain name bound to the original ShareASale account (the store has already installed the tracking code after completing the account ID binding operation); or After installing the ShareASale app in the new store to be bound and completing the ShareASale account binding operation, contact the official personnel on the ShareASale platform to change the account binding domain name.
2. How is the amount of the distribution order calculated?
A: The order amount passed by the store to ShareASale is the actual payment amount of the user, and does not calculate the tax and postage (commission expenses can be reduced to a certain extent).
3. Can the ShareASale platform account bound to the Shopline store be changed?
A: If the merchant has changed the account of the ShareASale platform, you can directly enter the new ShareASale platform account ID in the ShareASale app in the backend of the Shopline merchant and save it again to complete the replacement.
4. Can a Shopline store be bound to multiple ShareASale platform accounts? Can a ShareASale platform account be bound to multiple Shopline stores?
A: Currently, it is not supported to bind multiple ShareASale platform accounts to one store (if you need this scenario, you can contact customer service or operators for feedback). A ShareASale account can only be bound to one store. This is the official restriction of ShareASale. An account can only be bound to one domain name.


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