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Lucky Orange Guide

The basis of site conversion improvement is to have a sufficient understanding of traffic. In order to provide you with more visitor behavior data analysis tools, we have integrated Lucky Orange. Using Lucky Orange, you can better visualize the behavior and analysis of visitors on your site, giving you valuable insight. 


1. Obtain and bind the tracking code

2. Elements that cannot be recorded by Lucky Orange



1.Obtain and bind the tracking code

1.1 Obtain tracking code

There are two ways to obtain the tracking code of Lucky Orange:

1) in the registration process

2) in the background of Lucky Orange. 


Method 1: Obtain during the registration process

When you register for Lucky Orange account, the tracking code will be displayed in the process, you can copy and paste the code in the admin panel, and click Save to complete the process. 

Step 1: Fill in the email address you wish to register


Step 2: Complete the account information and fill in the C-side website link of the site you need to track (note: not the link in the background), click "Next" after completion, and then complete the password setting and adding other website administrators.



Step 3: After completing the above steps, click "Next" and a pop-up window with a tracking code will appear. Please save the generated tracking code and paste it to the SHOPLINE extension panel.


Method 2: Obtaining from the Lucky Orange site

If you did not bind the tracking code during the registration process, you can also obtain and bind it on the site later. 

Step 1: Click "Settings" in the Lucky Orange admin panel, then click "Sites" in the My Site


Click "Sites" and click "View Details" in the site where you want to bind the tracking code


Step 2: Click "Copy Code" in the pop-up window, and then paste the code after returning to the SHOPLINE extension panel



2. Elements that cannot be recorded by Lucky Orange

This section will cover the elements that Lucky Orange cannot record. There are two types, namely 1) the user's private information content 2) the iFrame type content


Type 1: User's private information

Lucky Orange cannot record the privacy content entered by the user, such as: password, address details, etc.


Type 2: iFrame type content

iFrame essentially embeds content generated by an external website into your SHOPLINE site. For example: Embedding a Youtube video into your current SHOPLINE site.

Since the iFrame is hosted by a third party, not directly on your website, Lucky Orange will not be able to record the visitor's interaction with iFrame.

The following are iFrame contents that common Lucky Orange cannot record:

  • Third-party generated forms
  • Social media interaction
  • Advertisements
  • Paypal button
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