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Lucky Orange Guide


A sound understanding of website traffic is essential for boosting your conversion rate. To help you better understand visitor behavior with data analysis, SHOPLINE has integrated Lucky Orange, providing valuable insights into your visitors’ behaviors in a more intuitive manner.


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Obtaining the Tracking Code and Adding the Code to Your Store

There are two ways to get the Lucky Orange tracking code: 1) during registration; and 2) on the Lucky Orange admin panel. Here are the detailed steps: 

Before you start, please install Lucky Orange to your Admin panel from the SHOPLINE App Store.

Getting the Tracking Code during Registration

The tracking code appears when you sign up for a Lucky Orange account. Copy and paste the code into your SHOPLINE store and click Save.

  1. Go to Lucky Orange's website and sign up for an account with your email address, then click Continue Set Up.
  2. Fill in your account details and enter the domain of the website you want to track (note that it is not the URL of the admin panel ). Then, click Continue Set Up.
  3. Click Copy to copy the code snippets and save the tracking code snippets. Then, return to the SHOPLINE plugin’s admin panel and paste the code snippets.

Getting The Tracking Code From the Lucky Orange Website

You can also get the tracking code from the Lucky Orange website:

  1. Go to the Lucky Orange admin panel and tap Settings > Sites > View Details.
  2. Tap Copy Code in the sidebar, return to the SHOPLINE admin panel, and locate Lucky Orange in the Apps section. Then, paste the code in Add Lucky Orange tracking code and click Save.



Notes on Elements Lucky Orange Cannot Record

There are two types of page elements that Lucky Orange cannot record: customers' private information and iFrame content.

Customers' Private Information

Lucky Orange can't record private information the customer enters, such as passwords and addresses.

iFrame Content

The purpose of iFrame is essentially to embed the content from external sources into your SHOPLINE site. For example, you can embed a YouTube video into your SHOPLINE using iFrame. As iFrame is hosted by a third party, not directly on your website, Lucky Orange can't record how visitors interact with iFrame.

Here are some common iFrame content Lucky Orange can't record:

  • Forms from external sources
  • Social media feeds
  • Advertisements
  • PayPal buttons



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