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Multi-platform Review Collection

Application Introduction

The multi-platform review collection application supports the collection of product reviews on AliExpress and Shopify. It takes only a few simple clicks to complete the import of reviews to the SHOPLINE store. The multi-platform review collection application can help merchants to solve the following pain points:

1. There is no product review for newly built independent stores and new products on the shelves, the corresponding user trust is low, and the store sales conversion is not good.

2. You have accumulated high-quality reviews on other platforms, and you have to start all over again after building a new site.

3. The process of manual input and import of reviews is too troublesome and complicated.


Operation process description

1. Navigate to Apps and install the "Multi-platform Comment Collection" application


2. Follow the instructions on the application page to install the Chrome plugin

Click "Go install" and you will be redirected to the Chrome web store. Install the Chrome plugin for use.



3. Open the product details page of the AliExpress or Shopify store that needs to collect comments

Use the collection plugin on the product details page of AliExpress or Shopify stores, and you need to open the Shopline management background in the browser and log in to the store that needs to collect comments.




4. After selecting according to the collection requirements, start the operation collection

Select the store product corresponding to the collection comment, the quantity, star rating, and whether or not to bring a picture and click "Collect Comments" to start collection


During the system collection process, please do not switch the operating page and wait for the collection to complete.


5. If "Import directly without review" is checked, it will be directly imported to the store's product reviews after the collection is completed. If not checked, the import audit operation can be performed after the collection is completed.

Single import or batch selection is available for import.


6. After the Chrome plugin completes the import operation, you can go to the management background - product reviews to view the imported reviews



Common issues

1. Why is there a message "The current page cannot be collected, try another page" after opening the plugin?


A: You need to open the product details page of AliExpress or Shopify store to collect, other pages cannot be collected. The current application supports the mainstream Shopify review management plugins (Product Review, Judge Me, Stamped.io Reviews & UGC) , and the review plugins installed in some stores cannot be collected, such as " Fera Product Reviews App". If you install the plugin for the first time, you can refresh the webpage and try again.



2. Why does the plug-in display "No Store"?


A: You need to log in to your store’s back-end plug-in in your browser to link to the store, perform product query and import corresponding comments. When logging in to multiple stores at the same time, you can select the store to import reviews.



3. Why did I choose to collect 100 comments and only collect 50?

A: There are two situations. One is that there are only 50 reviews in total on the current product detail page, which has reached the upper limit. Another situation is that after 100 comments are collected, the comments that do not meet the requirements are filtered out according to the selected filter items (star rating, with or without comments).


4. Can I collect reviews of the same product repeatedly?

A: A single collection operation will limit the importation to be repeated. You can restart the collection operation and import again after the single import is completed.


5. When it is not a .com suffix address, but an address suffixed from other regions (such as .ru), what should I do if it prompts that the page reviews cannot be collected?

A: You can change the corresponding suffix such as .ru to .com and then refresh the webpage to perform the collection. If you also need to collect comments in the original language, you can check the option to translate into English as shown below.



6. Why can't I find my product on the AliExpress page?

A: It may be caused by spaces, please delete spaces.


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