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Obtain and Implement a Google Maps API Key


Including your store location on your website offers several advantages. It enhances the user experience by allowing customers to easily find your physical store, potentially increasing foot traffic and sales. Moreover, it improves local SEO, making it easier for local customers to discover your business online. Displaying your store location also builds trust and credibility with customers, showcasing your legitimacy as a business. Overall, adding your store location to your website can enhance brand visibility, convenience for customers, and ultimately contribute to the success of your business.



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  • Steps to Register a Google Maps API Key 


Steps to Register a Google Maps API Key

  1. Go to the Google Maps Platform page.

  2. Click Products on the top dropdown list to select Maps, Routes or Places.

  3. The page auto directs you to an Google Maps Platform account creating page if you haven’t created/ logged in to one. Create a billing account on Google Maps Platform. The billing account is a requirement of the new Google Maps Platform. For more information, refer to the Google Maps Platform Pricing and Billing Documentation.

  4. After enabling the Google Maps Platform account, directly copy the API key in the popup page or go to the Keys & Credentials page and copy the Google Maps API key to your clipboard.

  5. Go back to the SHOPLINE admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Design > hit the Design button to enter the theme design page.

  6. Go to the Component tab > click on +Add component > select Map in Trust component section.

Notes: For more instructions, refer to Getting Started with Google Maps Platform.


Display Effect of a Store Configured with a Google Maps API Key



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