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Security Center Guideline

SHOPLINE is committed to providing a good and safe shopping & transaction environment, and necessary actions will be taken for store that violate laws, regulations and industry management standard. 

1. Rules & Regulations

2. Security center reminder & notification

2.1 Violation warning reminder

2.2 Violation notification

3. Appeal Guidelines

4. Common Questions


1. Rules & Regulations

Refer to SHOPLINE Rule Center.


2. Security Center Reminder & Notification

You may enter SHOPLINE Admin panel > Settings > Basic settings > Basic shop information > Store contact person email address to setup your email for risk control notification. SHOPLINE will send an email notification and reminder in the admin panel. 

2.1 Violation warning reminder

(1)Email notification

Before we proceed to penalize, SHOPLINE will notify the merchant via email.



(2)Admin panel reminder 

You may see the reminder notification in your admin panel at the top bar.


2.2 Violation notification

(1)Email notification

After proceeding to penalize, SHOPLINE will notify the merchant and an email will be sent to the respective email under [Store contact person email address].


(2)Admin panel reminder

Penalty store or product will be notified via admin panel top bar and store footer in Admin panel > home page. Please click into it to check, appeal or manage.



(3)Product management page 

Penalized product will be indicated in the Product management page. Please click into it to check, appeal and manage. 




3. Appeal Guidelines

Penalized store or product can be appealed as per below: 

Step 1:Access the security center via email or top bar & footer of the home page. Click in to check the penalty details and violation record.

Step 2: Click into respective penalty and check for the details.


Step 3:Enter the details page to check the violations detail and identify if the penalty can be appeal. 


Step 4::Appeal request can be submitted via the appeal page. 


After submission, it requires 7-14 working days to process. 


4. Common questions

Q1: Why my store or product get penalized? 

A1: During the operation of the store, the released product information, store transaction behavior or marketing activities violate relevant laws and regulations or SHOPLINE platform rules.

Rule Center:https://rulecenter.shoplineapp.cn/regular/official#/en


Q2: Can I still access my admin panel after we get penalized?

A2: After the product/store is penalized, it is mostly limited to the display of the product/store on the store front. You can still normally process related orders, edit products and other operations on your admin panel.

Q3: How I know if my store or product has been penalized? 

A2: You will be notified via email and you will be able to see the penalty reminder or notification via admin panel security center. 
*please check your junk mail/ spam mail if you do not receive the email


Q4: How can I check the penalty details? What should I do?

A3: After the product/store is penalized, we will send a disposal notification email to your [Store contact person email address]. If the notification email is not in your inbox, please look it up in the junk mailbox. You can also access the [Security Center] via your admin panel to check on the penalty details and submit an appeal. 


Q5: How can I appeal the penalty? How long does it take to process? 

A4: You can submit an appeal via the Rule Center in your admin panel or contact our online merchant success representative or account manager if you have any questions. After submission, it will take 7-14 working days to process. The status will be displayed in Admin panel > Security Center.


Q6: What is the standard of appeal?

A5: Different penalty come with different appealing criteria, please look for our online merchant success representative for more details. 


Q7: How to avoid risks in the future?

A6: Please refer to our Rule Center and ensure that you comply with SHOPLINE's rules and regulations.

Rule Center: https://rulecenter.shoplineapp.cn/regular/official#/en


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