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FAQs about Connecting to Facebook and Instagram

This article provides guidance on handling (FAQs) and addressing abnormal problems related to connecting your store to your Facebook fan page account and Instagram account. By following the steps outlined here, you'll be able to successfully establish connections between your store and your Facebook fan page and Instagram account.


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From your SHOPLINE admin panel, Go to Channels > Facebook > Community marketing > Setup > Link now under Facebook Fanpage Account > Proceed to Facebook Fanpage Account to begin the connection process.

For details about the specific connection process, please refer to Connecting to Facebook.

  • If you encounter difficulties finding your page while attempting to connect it in the SHOPLINE admin, consider the following:
    • Ensure that you've been a Facebook Page administrator for more than 7 days. If it's been less than 7 days, Facebook won't permit you to connect the Facebook Page to SHOPLINE.
    • If it's been more than 7 days, log in to your Facebook account. Click on the arrow located at the top right of the page and navigate to Settings & privacy > Settings >Page setup > Advanced Messaging > View. Check the box next to Messenger by SHOPLINE and click Remove. Return to the SHOPLINE admin and attempt to connect your page again.
  • If you utilize Facebook for Business to manage permissions for your Facebook Page, ensure that the Page setup permission is enabled within the Facebook for Business admin panel.



Abnormal Problems

The message module cannot send and receive messages normally

If SHOPLINE is not set as your primary app within Facebook, an error message will appear. According to the guidance, configure SHOPLINE as the primary receiver.

  • If you encounter an error with a message: “If the message cannot be sent successfully, please set SHOPLINE as the primary receiver for handover protocol in the fan page settings and return to the Message Center to resend the current message. If you manually send a message to the customer and then resend the current message, you can temporarily resolve the problem.”
  • This problem could stem from issues related to seizing control of Facebook channel messages. When faced with this issue, prompts will appear on both the admin home page and Facebook's Community Marketing section.
  • Facebook's official feedback is as follows: 

“We found that the bots of the system could not help you reply to your customers, that is, they could not send template messages, and here we received an exception from Facebook: 

(#10) Message failed to send because another app is controlling this thread now.” 

The reason behind the message failure is likely that the thread of your Facebook App is occupied by another application, preventing the Message Center from successfully sending the message. 



  1. Primary receiver switching method: Go to your professional Facebook account and click on the top-right corner Settings & Privacy.
  2. On the Facebook settings page, click on Settings.
  3. Click on Page setup.

  1. Go to App settings and click on Messenger receiver > Configure.

  1. Complete the configuration and selection, set SHOPLINE as the primary receiver for handover protocol in app settings. 

If SHOPLINE has entered your Facebook primary app, an error message will appear. You only need to send the current message again, and at the same time, the admin will take control of the operation.

  • Message failed to send error message: “Message failed to be sent. Please try to resend the current message.”
  • Resend the message to resolve the problem.
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