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Subscription to One-time Notification

SHOPLINE has launched the "Facebook live streaming notification" for live streaming sales. You can reach customers via Facebook Messenger and send notifications for live streaming. In this way, you build a closer connection with customers and make sure they never miss any store events.


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Facebook Notification Settings

To use SHOPLINE’s one-time notification for live streaming, you need to complete the "One-time notification" settings on the Facebook followers page.

  1. From the Facebook followers admin page linked to your live streaming channel, click Settings.


  2. On the Settings & privacy page, click Page setup.


  3. On the Page setup page, click Advanced Messaging.


  4. In Advanced Messaging, click One-time notification.


  5. And it will trigger the one-time notification prompt box. Click Confirm to complete the request.


  6. Now, the One-time notification feature is shown as enabled.



Guiding Customers to Complete Subscription

After enabling the one-time notification on Facebook, you can use this feature for SHOPLINE live-streaming sales. Before sending one-time notifications to customers, you need to guide them through the one-time subscription to your followers page.

  1. In Notification subscription settings, you can check the follower's page that has enabled a one-time notification subscription. If a subscription is enabled, the “Enabled” sign will be displayed.



  2. Guide customers to complete their subscriptions. From your live streaming room, you can send messages to promote customer subscriptions via Message Management > Send the broadcast > Subscribed to notification.


  3. Customers will receive the subscription notifications sent from your followers page on Facebook Messenger. By clicking on Notify Me, customers complete subscriptions to the one-time messages sent from your followers page.


  4. After customers complete the subscription, you can see the total number of subscribers in the Notification subscription center.



Customer Subscription Notification

After customers complete their subscription to the one-time messages sent from your fan page, you can push notifications to them within the next year, regardless of the 24-hour limit.

  1. When creating live streaming, you can use the Livestream kick-off feature to push notifications to customers who have completed subscriptions to the one-time messages sent from your follower's page. Select the Estimated time to start live streaming, check the Target group (the fan pages) has subscribed to, and select the Time to send. After a live streaming room is created, the system will automatically push one-time subscription notifications to customers according to the sending rules you predefined.


  2. Customers will receive one-time subscription notifications from you on Facebook Messenger. By clicking on the Join LIVE button, customers are directed to your followers page to watch the live streaming.


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