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Facebook Messenger Login

According to Facebook's official 24-hour policy, businesses cannot proactively send standard messages to customers who have not interacted with their fan pages within 24 hours.

This function integrates Facebook login and Messenger functions. When customers register through Facebook, they can choose "Allow" to interact with your fan page. After agreeing, your fan page will send a "registration message" to the customer, which greatly improves your chance to interact with your customers and increase the visibility of your fan page!

Please note: enabling this feature requires two things:

1. Go to [Channel > Facebook > Developer Settings] in the backend of the store to complete the [Facebook App ID Configuration] and enable the login function switch

2. Go to [Channel > Facebook > Community Marketing] in the backend of the store to complete [Connect to Facebook Fan Page]

After completing the above actions, please follow the following four steps to complete it together!


Step 1:

Click this link to enter Facebook for Developers and log in with your Facebook personal account, and click [My Apps] >> select the build app you created earlier (if you have multiple apps, make sure to select your string Connect to the app in the store and confirm that the app number is the same as the backend)




Step 2:

Go to [Control Panel > Settings > Advanced] from the left menu, copy the code ID of [Client Token].

It is recommended that you do not enter the Client Token manually, in order to avoid the inconsistency of the IDs causing the function to fail. It is recommended that you copy and paste it directly.


Step 3:

Go back to the SHOPLINE background, [Channel > Facebook > Developer Settings], turn on the messenger welcome message function switch.

Fill in the copied customer port code into the corresponding column; and select a fan page to send a welcome message to customers; you also need to set a welcome message copy.



Step 4

Go back to your Facebook for Developers, and proceed to [Facebook Login > Settings > Login Connect with Messenger]

Click [Add] button > Insert your FB Page ID (which integrated with your admin panel) > Adjust the toggle to [Yes] > Click [Add Page]


Make sure the toggles are adjusted to [On] and [Yes] respectively, and save your settings. DACCBBCF-7FC4-4392-847B-0E077C1DDB62.png


Function effect:

1. After completing the setting, when customers register as members in the online store by using their FB Account:


2. Customers will receive this message from FB, they may decide whether to allow your shop to contact them via Messenger. 


3. Once customers allowed to receive messages from your shop, the welcome message will be sent to customers’ Messenger through your FB Page:




Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE adminwebsite, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.



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