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Setting up Facebook & Instagram Shop

The Facebook Shop feature allows you to easily create a digital storefront that suits your needs, spanning across the Facebook family of apps. You can use Facebook Shops to engage customers and help them find products that match their needs.

You can easily connect to Facebook Shop with one click in the SHOPLINE admin. If you want to have a more preliminary understanding of Facebook Shop, you can refer to this official document.

In addition, please also note that installing and editing extensions and Facebook Shop requires your logged-in Facebook account to have administrator rights for assets such as the enterprise management platform, fan page, and directory.

It is recommended that you confirm that you want to operate your company's Facebook account and Permissions, if you have cooperated with advertisers, you can share catalogs, pixels and other permissions with partners after installing the package.


This article will explain how to install Facebook Shop:


Step 1: Go to the Facebook Shop installation portal

Go to "Facebook" on the admin panel, find "Facebook & Instagram Shop", and click "Manage Settings" to enter the page.


Click "Connect" to go through the Facebook account authorization process.


On the Facebook pop-up window, the account that you have logged in to your device will be displayed (if you have not logged in, please log in with your Facebook account first). After confirming that the account is correct, please click "Continue as [Account Name]".


Step 2: Start Facebook related settings

Step 2 will be divided into 10 small steps that require you to select assets, let's start together!

1. Check the function you want and click "Start Now"

Please note: Your Instagram business account must be eligible for the Instagram shopping function. If your account is not eligible, please do not select Instagram shopping in this step, and refer to Facebook's official documents, or refer to this E-commerce classroom article. Complete the account verification application with Facebook.


2. Select your enterprise management platform

If the Facebook account you have logged in to already has an "Enterprise Management Platform" that can be used: The window will display the "Enterprise Management Platform" and assets your account has permission to use. You can directly select the specified asset account, or click directly on the upper right to create your new asset. The assets you selected will be displayed in the window menu as shown below. After confirmation, please click "Continue" to complete the connection.


3. Select your Facebook Page, where Facebook Shop will be displayed

When selecting Fan Page, the Facebook account currently logged in to your browser must have the administrator privilege of the fan page, and after selecting, the ownership of the fan page will be transferred to the enterprise management platform you selected in the extension function.


3.1 Select your Instagram, Instagram Shop will be displayed in this business file.
Please note: Your Instagram business profile must be eligible to use the Instagram Shopping feature (please refer to the official documentation), otherwise, it will not be available for selection.


4. Select a catalog

When you select "Catalog", the personal account catalog asset of "Products for XXX personal catalog" may appear, because you will not be able to view this catalog asset in the Facebook catalog management tool after the personal asset is connected. It is recommended that you use the personal catalog You can connect to other directories or create new directory assets so that you can manage company assets in a unified manner in the enterprise management platform.


5. Select ad account


6. Select Meta Pixel


7. Confirm your commerce account and click "Continue"


8. Confirm settings


9. Consent to Authorization

Because it is connected through SHOPLINE, function execution authorization will be required. Please maintain the settings in the figure to ensure the normal operation of the function. Our SHOPLINE only performs function connection and product data transmission and has no authority to operate the advertising account and enterprise management platform, so you don't have to worry about it.


Congratulations, you're all set up, and you're a short way away from seeing your Facebook Shop!



Step 3: Go back to the store background and confirm that Facebook Shop has been installed

After the installation is complete, the "Edit Shop Page" button will appear on the screen, please click this button to go to the Facebook business management tool to complete the settings and publish the Facebook Shop.


Step 4: Go to Setup and Publish Facebook Shop

Click the "Edit" button in "Store" to edit the store style.


After entering the store building tool, click on the left toolbar to create your unique store.


After editing, you can click the "Preview" button in the upper right corner to preview the store; click "Publish Update" in the lower right corner to publish the store.

(You can also click the "Save" button to temporarily save the current settings)


After publishing, you can see that the store status has changed to "Online", at this time the store is waiting for review.


After the review is completed, "View Online Store" will appear, which means that the store has been released at this time.


*Please note: The product review and status of Facebook Shop will be mainly based on the review results of Facebook. If your product violates the policy or the store is suspended, please contact Facebook directly after reading the relevant policy to confirm the reason and propose a re-review.


Post-publish Facebook Shop style

Mobile version




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