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Yahoo Tracks Dot One-Click Install User Guide

Step 1: Copy Yahoo Dot Tag ID


In your Yahoo Ads account > [Settings] > [View Dot tag code]


Copy Dot tag ID


Step 2: Set up tracker in SHOPLINE admin panel

To SHOPLINE admin panel > [Apps] > [App Store] > [Marketing] > [Yahoo Tracks Dot One-Click Install] > [Use Now] mceclip1.png



[Authorize and install]mceclip0.png


[Add] > Fill in [Dot title] based on your preference > Fill in your Dot ID in [Dot ID] column > [Save]




Step 3: Add [Oath: Ad Platforms Dot Helper] extension 

 Click here to add [Oath: Ad Platforms Dot Helper] extension to your Google Chrome browser.




To your website, check if the tracker activated on your website via [Oath: Ad Platforms Dot Helper] extension



Frequent Asked Question

1. Can a store setup more than 1 Dot Pixel ID? Can same Dot Pixel ID be used for different stores?

Yes. SHOPLINE supports having up to 50 Pixel set in a store. Also there's no limitation to set same Pixel ID for different stores.


2. What's the difference to have the Pixel ID added via [Yahoo Tracks Dot One-Click Install] and [Custom Code]?

For Pixel Added via [Custom Code], you would only be able to track browse action, but no other actions such as 'Check product action', 'Add product into cart action'; For Pixel Added via [Yahoo Tracks Dot One-Click Install], you would be able to track detail actions.