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Hidden Product Plugin User Guide

1. Feature introduction

You will be able to use the hidden product feature to hide products in your storefront, and send product links directly to your customers for private purchase. 


1. Scenario

  1. Special recalls for customers: Send gifts, special product links privately to members/regular customers through Email, WhatsApp, Facebook and other channels. 
  2. Automatically hide livestream products: Automatically hide one-click products created in livestream to limit these products for customers in the livestream only. 
  3. Return/exchange sales product: For returns and exchanges, you can duplicate original products into low priced products and provide the low priced product to your customer for reissue. 


2. Setup

[Apps] > [App Store] > [Hide Products]


3. Hidden Product Setup

A. Setup hidden products

Hiding a single product or in a batch supported through the plugin switch.  


B. Copy hidden products link 

You can copy the product link and sent it to the customer so they can purchase the product as normal. 

*Note: If the product is off shelf, the link will be directed to a 404 error page. (You may go to [Settings] > [Domain] to setup)


C. Automatically hide products created in the livestream

Once the feature is enabled, the products created in the livestream will automatically be hidden. You can edit these settings through the "Hide Products" plugin.