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Hide Product

You can make your products not available for public selling on the display page with this app. However, you can still send private product links to customers in specific scenarios. For example, you can send small gifts or special offer links to members and regular customers via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other channels for customer recall. Additionally, you can hide products created in live streaming with one click, making them available only for live stream viewers. In product return or exchange scenarios, you can create a new product at a lower price by copying the original one, hide the lower priced product, and offer it exclusively to return or exchange customers.


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Installing and Using Hide Product

Please follow below steps to install:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Apps > Go to SHOPLINE App Store.
  2. Search for Hide product and click Install.
  3. After installation, go to the SHOPLINE admin panel > Apps > Hide Product to enter the app. 




Hiding a Product

In the Hide product app, search for a product you want to hide and turn on the hide switch in the column Hide. You can also select multiple products and hide or unhide them in batches.

If you want to offer hidden products to customers in private, simply copy the product link and send it to customers of interest.

Note: If the product is removed/deactivated, the link will be directed to the homepage or the 404 page according to the store settings (to be configured in Settings > Domain Name). 



Auto Hide Products for Special Channels

If you run live streaming sales and wish to hide products in the live streaming from public selling, you can turn on the automatic hiding switch of the Live/Message Center channel.

With this feature activated, products generated in Live/Message Center will be automatically set to hidden status at the time of creation. You can adjust the hidden status of such products in the hidden product plug-in.



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