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Failed to add a Credit Card | Troubleshooting

The common failed issue for credit card linked:

1. Invalid CVV (Card Verification Value)

What is CVV?

CVV is a series of numbers that, in addition to the bank card number, is embossed or printed on a card:



Please fill in the CVV number accordingly during setup: mceclip0.png


2. Inactive status of 3D secure service

3D secure is a security protocol that helps to prevent fraud for online credit card and debit card transactions. It allows banks to request extra details from a card holder to verity a purchase.

Please check with Credit Card Issuer (Issuing bank) the activation status of the 3D secure service of the card.


3. Failed to complete 3D secure authentication

You should receive a message with OTP (One Time Password) attached during setup, please fill in the OTP accordingly.


4. Payment card network processors do not support certain areas

You need to use the credit card range supported by each region to complete the binding. If it is not within the range, the credit card cannot be bound. The range of credit cards supported in each region is as follows:


Type of payment card network supported in South East Asia:







Type of payment card network supported in Mainland China:





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