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Reports present the summary of your store data analysis in the form of charts and tables. SHOPLINE provides more than 80 default reports to choose from, with reports classified by theme and accessible by keyword search. You can modify the report content based on your needs, such as filtering, sorting, and custom headers, save your customized reports as templates, and share them with authorized staff members. While Reports only enable you to view up to 1,000 rows, you can also export data to your computer for tables exceeding 1,000 rows. Even so, Report will consolidate the entire dataset even if it only displays 1,000 rows, giving you a full and reliable picture. 

In short, Reports is designed to meet your analytical needs.

For more information, visit SHOPLINE basic teaching video - Data Analysis Report.


Report List

SHOPLINE provides over 80 default reports that are classified by theme. You can view the classifications below, with different detailed reports under each category.

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