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Instagram Feed Guide


The Instagram Feed app allows you to pull your Instagram posts and display them on your storefront. You can also tag in-store products in the post to promote order conversions. 

This guide provides a detailed description of how to use this app. You can download the app by clicking here.

Note: You can use the feature for adding products in the feed only after upgrading to the Pro plan.


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Introducing Instagram Feed Plans

The Instagram Feed app offers two plans: (1) Free plan and (2) Pro plan. With the Free plan, you can access all the basic features displayed on Instagram Feed. To use the advanced features such as adding products in the feed and filtering, you need to upgrade to the pro plan.

Plan pricing:

  • Free plan: Free
  • Pro plan: $5.99 per month or $60 per year. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the pro version.

For features available for the basic and pro plans, refer to the following table:

Free Plan Pro Plan
Set module title Set module title
Set feed spacing Set feed spacing
Set layout (grid/slider) Set layout (grid/slider)

Set rows and columns

(PC version/mobile version)

Set rows and columns

(PC version/mobile version)

Support Instagram video feeds and photo feeds Support Instagram video feeds and photo feeds
Add Instagram feeds to different pages of your store Add Instagram feeds to different pages of your store
x Filter photo feeds by hashtag
x Pin any selected feed to the top
x Add products to the Instagram feed, creating an interactive Shop the look scenario
x Support multiple sets of Instagram photo feeds



Linking the Instagram Feed App to your Instagram Account

After authorizing and installing the application, you need to perform the following operations to link your Instagram account to the plugin:

  1. Click Connect the INS account.
Note: If the Instagram account you’re logged into is not the one you want to link to your store, please log out first, and then log in with the desired account before proceeding.


  1. In the authorization pop-up that appears, click Allow.

Now, the Instagram Feed is successfully linked to your Instagram account.



Configuring and Activating Components on the Page

Once you have configured the app, you need to turn on the Instagram Feed app block in your theme for Instagram Feed to render on the page. You can perform the following operations to turn on the app block:

  1. Click on the Shopline editor to add the Ins photo wall component.
  2. Click Design to enter the online theme editor.
  3. In the Component tab, click Add component > Apps > INS Feed to activate the app on the page.
  4. Once added, click INS Feed to configure the margin, color, etc.



Setting Photo-clicking Effects for Instagram Feeds

Instagram Feed supports 3 types of photo-clicking effects:

  • Open the post pop-up window
  • Jump to Instagram
  • Do nothing. 

These 3 effects are explained in detail below.



Open the Post Pop-up Window

If you select Open the post pop-up window, customers who click Instagram feeds on your site will see a pop-up. In this scenario, you can add products to each photo in the app, as shown in the figure below.

Note: You can use the feature to add products in the feed's pop-up only after upgrading to the Pro plan.


Once you click Tag product, a pop-up appears and you can select the products to add to the current photo. You can scroll to search for the desired products or enter the product name in the search box to retrieve them. You can add up to 5 products for a single Instagram feed.

Note: You must enter the complete product name when searching for products.


After adding products, you can click Add tag in the pop-up to tag the added products on the photo.


You can drag the tag points on the photo, as shown in the following figure. Once satisfied with the tag placement, click the checkmark to save it. To delete a tag, click the cross next to it.


Once you've configured the product tagging, customers clicking Instagram Feed's photos on your site can see the tag information and details of the added products. When clicking a tag or the Purchase button in the product information section, they’ll jump to the corresponding product detail page.


Jump to Instagram

If you select Jump to Instagram, customers clicking an Instagram photo on your site will jump to the corresponding Instagram feed.

Do Nothing

If you select Do nothing, customers clicking Instagram Feed's photos on the page will see no effect.




Question: Can I pull feeds from other Instagram accounts and display them on my storefront?

Answer: No. You can only pull feeds from the Instagram account that has been authorized in the app. 



Recommended Best Practices

Building Trust via Social Marketing

Utilizing SHOPLINE's Instagram Feed feature can create social proof, showcase brand stories, enhance store trust, and increase brand affinity, ultimately boosting visitor conversions. This feature also allows customers to directly jump from your store to your Instagram homepage, which encourages them to follow your Instagram account, increasing followers and likes, and accumulating private traffic.

Creating Scenes to Stimulate Purchases

Captivating photos synced from Instagram can create attractive selling scenes for products, igniting customer purchasing desires. The crucial aspect is to make the purchase process convenient for customers.

By tagging products in Instagram photos, consumers can experience an interactive Shop the look scenario. This enhances the user experience while also improving product exposure, driving more conversions and sales.

Instagram Feed serves as both a product showcase arena and an interactive shopping zone. When consumers are captivated by the exquisite photos and click on the products in the photos, they can view the product's main image, name, and price. By clicking the tag or Purchase button, they can open the product detail page and proceed with the purchase, completing the transaction.

Displaying Your Storefront Based on Customized Configuration

After upgrading the SHOPLINE Instagram Feed, you can now filter photos by hashtag. If you have various tag types in your Instagram feeds and need to set the storefront to "Show only" or "Don't display" INS photos with specific tags, you can directly filter them by hashtag in the admin panel.

In addition, the Instagram Feed's pinning feature allows you to manually select top-selling product feeds. These pinned feeds will remain fixed on the storefront's photo feeds section, unaffected by updates to INS feeds. This helps you showcase more attractive product photos.

The hashtag filtering and pin features help you efficiently optimize the storefront page, ensuring the store page is always aesthetically organized, presenting your well-thought-out style, and conveying your most desirable content.

Enriching Webpage Styles with Multiple Photo Feeds

Instagram can display various content, including product showcases, feature reviews, brand stories, and customer cases.

SHOPLINE's Instagram Feed can sync both photos and videos from Instagram and automatically update store content in real time, maintaining a fresh feel for consumers.

SHOPLINE's Instagram Feed supports configuring multiple sets of photo feeds. You can select different Instagram photo or video feeds to display on different store pages. For example, you can link a photo feed conveying brand values on the store homepage, or link a photo feed related to product user experience on the product page.

This not only creates diversity across different store pages, preventing user aesthetic fatigue while browsing the site but also improves the consistency of the Instagram Feed and website pages, optimizing website content.

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