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Instagram Feed User Guide

The Instagram Feed plugin can help you pull the posts you publish on Instagram to the front of the store for display, and you can also add products that mark the store in the post to promote store conversion. This article will guide you on the usage of this plugin. 


1. Install Instagram Feed plugin

2. Link the Instagram Feed plugin to your Instagram account

3. Set the Instagram Feed image click effects

4. Add Instagram Feed plugin in online store

5. Switch the Instagram account



1. Install Instagram Feed plugin

Step 1: Download the Instagram Feed plugin in the App Store


Step 2: Authorize and install the app


At this point, the Instagram Feed plugin is installed.

2. Link the Instagram Feed to your Instagram account

After the plugin is authorized and installed, the next step is to bind your Instagram account to the plugin

Step 1: Click the "Connect Ins Account" button (before linking the Instagram account, if the Instagram account you have logged in is not the account you want to associate with the store, please log out and log in to the correct account)


Step 2: Click "Allow" in the authorization popup that appears



At this point, the Instagram Feed has been linked with your Instagram account




3. Set the Instagram Feed image click effects

The Instagram Feed plugin supports a total of 3 kinds of image click effects:

1. Open the post pop-up window

2. Open Instagram

3. No effect

The following three scenarios will be introduced respectively.


Effect 1: Open the post pop-up window: When you select the "Open the post pop-up window" effect, a popup window will appear when customers click on the Instagram Feed in your store.

In this scenario, you can add products to each photo in the plugin interface. As shown below;Screenshot_2022-04-14_at_6.18.27_PM.png

Clicking the "Add Product" button will bring up a pop-up window for you to select the product you want to add to the current image. You can search for the product you want to add, or you can enter the name of the product in the search box to retrieve the product (please note that the full product name must be entered when using search to retrieve the product) . You can add up to five products to one image.


After adding the product, you can tag the added product in the picture by clicking "Add tag" in the pop-up window. You can add multiple tags to one image.


The effect is shown in the figure below, you can drag the position of the marker in the figure. If you are satisfied with the position of the mark, please click the "tick" next to the mark to save the mark's position, if you want to delete the mark, please click the "x" next to the mark to delete the mark. 


When your product tag configuration is complete, when customers click on the image in the Instagram Feed at your store homepage, they will be able to see the tag information and details of the added product. When the customer click on the tag or the purchase button at the product information, customers will be redirected to the product details page.



Effect 2. Open Instagram: When you select the "Open Instagram" effect, customers will be redirected to the corresponding Instagram post when they click on the Instagram image at your homepage.


Effect 3: No effect: When you select the no click effect, users clicking on the Instagram Feed image on the page will not have any effect


4. Add Instagram Feed plugin to your online store

For the Instagram Feed to be visible in your store, you need to add the app in your online store editor. When you have completed the configurations, you can click the "Shopline Editor" and you will be redirected to your online store design page. 


Step 1: Click Design


Step 2: Click "Add Components"


Step 3: Pull down to find "Instagram Feed" in the component list, and left-click


Step 4: The addition of the Instagram Feed app has been completed, you can drag the component to reposition the Instagram Feed to where you want it to be displayed. 


5. Switch the Instagram account

Step 1: Log out of the currently logged-in account on Instagram, and log in to the new account to link to the Instagram Feed

Step 2: Click "Switch Ins Account" in the Instagram Feed plugin, and click the Allow button to allow authorization and your new Instagram account will be linked.