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Shopping Cart Analysis

Shopping Cart Analysis helps you to understand users' purchasing behavior. It will show you the product pairs that the user has added to the shopping cart in the past 30 days and the add-ons of product A and product B, and the likelihood of them being added at the same time.


Setup Instructions

Go to Admin panel > Analytics > Report > Actions > Shopping cart analysis.


Here, we only show item pairs with strong correlations. The algorithm calculates the correlation. You can conduct related marketing on products based on the calculation results, such as product recommendations, discount codes, bundle promotions, etc. 


This analysis report is available if you are using the SHOPLINE premium plan. If you see the message “Data is not enough, unable to analyse,” the products added to the customer’s shopping cart were insufficient in the past 30 days (including today). The system fails to draw a significant statistical relationship. This situation can happen when you have few visitors, or some products are still new.

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