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Free Gift User Guide

After you create a free gift campaign in the SHOPLINE admin panel, customers can see the corresponding event when they enter the product details page of your store. When customers meet the gift conditions, they can choose their desired gifts in the shopping cart and place an order for settlement. You can set different gifts for different gift conditions. Free gift campaigns can help increase the conversion rate of users and increase the unit price of customers.

1. Usage and removal of free gift app

1.1 Set up entrance of free gift campaign

1.2 Remove free gift app

2. Gift management

3. Considerations for creating free gifts

4. Create a free gift campaign

5. List of free gifts

6. Editing free gifts

1. Usage and removal of free gift app

1.1 Set up entrance of free gift campaign

There are two paths to enter the settings of the free gift campaign

(1) If you have not added the [Gift Offer] app, you can install it in [Apps] > [App Store] > [Gift Offer]. 



(2) After installation, you can find [Gift Offer] under [My Apps].


1.2 Remove free gift app

When you want to remove the free gift event, you can delete the app in [Apps] > [My App] > [Gift Offer] > [Delete]. Hover your mouse over [Gift Offer], you will be able to see the delete button, click to remove the app. 

When you delete [Gift Offer] in My App, the app will be closed. After closing, you will no longer be able to set up [Gift Offer] in the store, and you will not be able to view the [Gift Offer] app or access its functions in the background.

After you close it, you can open the [Gift Offer] app again at any time. After opening, the original data will be retained, and you can view the historical activity data at any time. Activities that you have set up will become "expired".


2. Gift management

Before you can set up a free gift event, you need to add the free gift first. On the gift management page, you can click "Select Gift" to select the product in the store as a gift.

Entrance: [Gifts Management] > [Select Gift] > [Select product]



You can set the free gift quantity for the selected gift, which will not affect your product inventory, but only limit the maximum gift quantity. At the same time, you can also view the gift record of each gift; after clicking the gift, you can view the gift details, and you can view the order information of the gift in the order here.

You can also delete the free gift, after which the free gift will no longer be displayed in the event.


3. Considerations for creating free gift campaign

Before creating a free gift campaign, please review the following considerations:

  • Free gift campaigns can be used to encourage customers to spend and provide customers with gifts to increase the unit price of shop customers
  • Only one free gift campaign can be set up for each product at the same time. When you set up multiple free gifts for different products, customers can select gifts in the corresponding activities after they meet the corresponding gift conditions.
  • You can view all the campaigns you have created in the campaign list, and you can quickly check the number of free gifts for each campaign
  • You can bulk delete campaigns in the campaign list, or enable/disable individual campaign in the edit page

4. Create a free gift campaign


Follow the steps below:

  1. On the Event List page, click Create Event
  2. For the campaign title, enter a your event name
    • Note: The event name will be displayed in your store and visible to customers
  3. In the offer requirement section, configure the following settings:
    • Unlimited - no condition to be awarded, customers can enjoy gifts when they place an order;
    • Select the specified amount to spend or the specified quantity to purchase , and set the amount that customers must spend or the number of products to purchase to qualify for the gift. When you choose these two items, you can set gradient discounts and set different gifts for customers who meet different gift conditions;
    • Please note that when customers meet the gift conditions, they can select gifts in the shopping cart; when you configure multiple gifts, after the customers meet the gift conditions, they can choose their desired gifts in the mini shopping cart
  4. In the Applicable Products section, select the products this campaign applies to: All Products , Selected Product Categories, or Selected Products
  5. In the effective time section, you can set the effective date of the campaign, you can do the following:
    • If you want to set the end date of the event, uncheck Never expire and set the end date of the campaign
    • If you do not want this campaign to expire, please do not set the effective date and keep the never-expiring check box
  6. Click Create 

5. List of free gift campaigns


  • After you save the campaigns, all the activities you have set up will be displayed in the campaign list
  • You can see the event name, gift conditions, gift image, number of gifts issued, effective time, event status in the list

6. Editing free gift campaigns

(1) In any state, you can click the campaign from the campaign list and modify the settings of the gift event; please note that after you set the gift conditions, the gift conditions cannot be modified, but you can edit the free gifts.

(2) Click Update after modification, and your store will display the updated gift event; orders that have already been paid will not be affected by the event update.

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