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Blacklist Management


You may download blacklist management in the App store of your admin panel to manage your customers information (mobile number, email, name, order IP, address & messages). This will help to block blacklisted customer to place order, in order to ease your shipping management with real time monitoring, to prevent malicious/false order, review and complaints. 


1. Blacklist management toggle on/off 

1.1 Blacklist management admin panel entry 

1)Enter admin panel > Apps > Apps store to download or use blacklist management.




1.2 Turn off blacklist management 

If you want to turn off the blacklist management feature, please ensure you clean off the data or settings before deleting the app. 

To turn off, you may enter admin panel > Apps > App store > click delete to remove the blacklist management.

After deleting, the blacklist management feature will be disabled. If you turn on the app by downloading it again, the existing data will be remained.




2. Manage blacklisting

Blacklisted customers will not be able to place order. To allow them to be able to place an order, you need to first delete the customer from blacklist. 

2.1 Adding customer blacklist 

(1)Add keyword in blacklist management, key in respective keyword and tick verification condition you would like the system to verify. 



(2)The apps also support import data by bulk import keyword, you may download the template and input the corresponding data in the columns.


(3)You can also go to admin panel > customers > customer management page > click on any customer to enter customer details page to add the customer into blacklist Screenshot_2022-04-11_at_2_50_18_PM.png


2.2 Delete customer blacklist 

(1)You can delete keywords in the customer blacklist plugin. Screenshot_2022-04-11_at_6_10_03_PM.png

(2)You may also enter customer details page to remove the customer from blacklist. Screenshot_2022-04-11_at_6_11_07_PM.png


3. Notes on using blacklist management

Customers added into the blacklist will not be able to place orders in the store. It is applicable to maliciously placed orders occupying inventory/ review/ complaints/ refund/ return customers. Please add them carefully.


Important notice:

  • The current keywords only support: mobile number, email, name, order id, address, message information

  • Mandatory to tick at least 1 of the verification conditions

  • IP of the customer order keyword is to detect the IP address that customer used to place order
  • Please delete the keyword if you want to disable blacklist and to allow the customer to place order

  • Please ensure to delete the blacklist data before disabling the customer blacklist plugin


4. Check Order Log

You may check the order log for blocked order in blacklist management. The order log will record all the blocked orders that meet the verification conditions.



5. Blacklist management dashboard

Dashboard will record the blacklist keyword, added by, date added, validation conditions. You can also delete the keyword on the dashboard.