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Omnisend User Guide

As an industry-renowned email and SMS marketing app, SHOPLINE Omnisend enables you to synchronize the customer, product, and order data of your store to Omnisend with one click. You can enable email and SMS marketing at Omnisend.



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Getting Omnisend Event Tracking Code

You can install it under Apps > App Store > Omnisend, after which you can find Ominsend in My Apps.


On the app page, click Go to the official website to go to Omnisend page for signing up or logging in.



After login, click Connect your store, click Other and Enter your store URL, and then click Connect store.




Click Copy code snippet to copy the event tracking code, and on the app page, paste it to complete the built-in operation of the event tracking code.





Getting Omnisend API Key

On the Omnisend website, click the account information module in the upper right corner and then click Store settings.


Navigate to
API keys on the left and click Create API key.



Enter the name of the API Key to generate the API Key. After generating the API Key, copy it. Next, go back to the Omnisend app page of SHOPLINE and paste it in the input box under the API key, and click Save.





Data Synchronization

After filling in the event tracking code and API key, click Save in the app, and the customer, product, and order data of your store can be synchronized to Omnisend. You can check the synchronization progress under the data synchronization of the app. If data synchronization fails, you can click Export Synchronization Failed Data to view the failed data and reasons. To synchronize the failed data again, you can click Sync again.




Verifying SHOPLINE Store Connection at Omnisend

After the Omnisend event tracking code binding and API key binding, you need to verify the store connection at Omnisend. For this verification, you just need to repeat the steps of Getting Omnisend Event Tracking Code, and then click Verify&Connect on the page.

Note: Only after this verification is completed, can Omnisend’s features be used normally.




Reviewing Store Information

Once a store is successfully connected, Omnisend can complete the review of your store from a few minutes to 24 hours. You can use most of Omnisend’s features normally only after this review is completed. The review results will be emailed to you. Your store may fail the review for the reasons below:

  • No privacy policy page in your store;
  • No product in your store;
  • Any product in your store rated as fake product;
  • Password presented in your storefront;

In case of failure to pass review for any other reasons, please contact Omnisend’s official personnel via  support@omnisend.com for assistance.



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