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Managing Unpaid Transaction Fee Bills


When a bill remains unpaid, it poses a risk to your store's operations and management. This article introduces alerts triggered by the cumulative amount of unpaid transaction fee bills for individual stores, along with associated limits and resolutions.


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Alert Measures for Unpaid Transaction Fee Bills 

While the fee rates differ across subscription plans, SHOPLINE imposes transaction fees on orders completed through third-party payment providers. In cases of unpaid transaction fee bills, the platform initiates pertinent alerts and restrictions based on the cumulative outstanding amount. To maintain smooth operations, we employ a two-step measure, monitoring unpaid fees and encouraging timely payments:

  • Alert for Unpaid Bills: Once the cumulative amount of unpaid transaction fees reaches RMB 3,000, you'll receive a warning message at the top of your store’s admin panel and an email notification.
  • Store Freeze: If you neglect the alert and the cumulative outstanding fees reach RMB 4,500, your store will be temporarily frozen. This means your admin panel will display a frozen status, and your store will be inaccessible to customers.
Important: To avoid store disruptions, please prioritize settling any outstanding transaction fee bills promptly.



Clearing Unpaid Transaction Fee Bills

When alerted about an unpaid transaction fee bill or facing a store freeze due to outstanding bills, we strongly advise making immediate payments. Follow the steps below for a prompt resolution:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Plan.
    Settings _ Plan.png

  2. On the Plan page, click View bills.
    View bills.png

  3. Locate the unpaid transaction fee bills in the billing list and proceed with the payment.

  4. Alternatively, after receiving a warning message, click on the prompt at the top of your store's admin panel to access the billing page and make the payment.

Upon completing the payment, you can promptly restore access to your store.

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