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Top Products Data Details

On the [Analytics] > [Dashboard] > [Top Product] section, you may click on the [View Report] button to look into [Product Detail] on the following page for further understanding of the sales data and conversion rates of your store’s best sellers. Here, you can see:

  • Edit the header to view more product data metrics
  • Click    to view product detail page
  • Click to view the detailed data and trends of this product


Description of relevant metrics:



Product sales

For a product that is successfully placed in an order, its sales are apportioned according to the subtotal amount of the product in the order.

Sales Percentage

The ratio of sales for the current product to the sales of all products in the filtered result.


The number of products successfully placed in the order. Products in canceled order will not be deducted.

Order Volume

Number of orders that have included said product. Products in canceled order will not be deducted. 

Per Customer Transaction

Product Sales/Order Quantity

Page Views

The sum of the number of views of the specific product detail page, including the visitor's browsing on the product detail page and one-page store.

Number of visitors

The number of deduplication sessions for browsing the product. Should a user visits a product multiple times, the number of views will only be counted as one.


The number of times the product was added to the cart.

Add-to-cart Sessions

The number of visitors who added products to their carts.

Checkout count

The number of times this product has entered the checkout page.

Number of visitors arriving at checkout

The number of visitors to the checkout page for the item.

Product Conversion Rate

The number of visitors who completed the checkout of the product/number of product visitors

Add-to-cart Conversion Rate

Add-to-cart Sessions/number of product visitors

Checkout conversion rate

Number of visitors arriving at checkout/number of product visitors