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Adding Flash Sale Campaigns to Your Store 


After creating a flash sale campaign in the Flash Sales app, you can add it to your store‘s homepage and/or product details pages. This will increase the visibility of the campaign and attract customers to participate.


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Adding the Flash Sale Card Component 

To display the created flash sale campaigns on your store’s homepage and/or product pages, access the theme editor of your store to add the Flash Sale card component. Follow these steps: 

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Flash Sales.

  2. There are three ways to access your store’s theme editor:
    • In the reminder message displayed on the homepage of the Flash Sales app, click SHOPLINE editor in blue font. (Once you click x to close the message, it will no longer be displayed).

    • After creating a flash sale campaign, you’ll see a prompt banner displayed at the top of the successfully created campaign. Click Add to store to access the theme editor.

    • In the details page of any flash sale campaign, click Other actions and select Add to store's home page.

  3. In your SHOPLINE theme editor, go to the homepage or the product details page, then click Add component from the left menu > Apps > Flash Sale card to add the component.



Customizing Your Flash Sale Campaigns 

After adding the Flash Sale card component, customize the display style of the campaign based on your preferences. 

  1. In your store’s theme editor, go to the homepage or the product details page, and click the Flash Sale card component from the left menu.

  2. On the right panel, select the desired Flash Sale campaign from the drop-down list. You can preview the card style in real-time.

  3. Customize the following settings for your campaign:
    • Component title
    • Whether to enable event countdown
    • Number of product columns
    • Button text
    • Redirect link
    • Button color
    • Background style
    • Background color

  4. After customization, drag the component to your preferred display position. You can also click on the eye icon to hide or show the component as needed.

  5. Click View your store in the upper right corner to preview the campaign effect. If everything looks alright, click Save to save your changes. 
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