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3D & AR Product Viewer


The quality of a 3D model depends heavily on the quality of the product photos. This article explains in detail how to take photos to create 3D models and how to use the 3D & AR Product Viewer app.



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Creating 3D Models

A 3D model can be created in two ways: 

  1. Using professional 3D modeling software. When the model is created, export it in a .glb or .gltf format. 
  2. Creating from product photos. You have to take photos of the product, and the quality of the 3D model depends on the quality of your photos.

If the product is large and difficult to move (e.g. a large piece of furniture, or a large appliance), we recommend you find a professional modeling service provider to create a 3D model and export the model file in a .glb or .gltf format. Then upload the file into the 3D & AR Product Viewer app. If the product is small (e.g. a small piece of furniture, or a small accessory), you can take photos of the products to create a 3D model.



How to Use the App

After creating a 3D model from photos, you can connect the model with the product in the 3D & AR Product Viewer app. Follow the steps below:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps and open 3D & AR Product Viewer. Install it if you haven’t.
  2. Select Upload product 3D model.
    1 Upload.png


  1. Find the product for which you want to upload a 3D model. You can also use the search function to find the product you're looking for. After you find the product, click Upload model.
    2 choose product.png

  2. Upload the model. Only model files in .glb and .gltf formats are supported.
    Note: After completing the modeling, please export the image by packaging the .bin and textures into a GLTF file.

3 select file.png


  1. When the 3D model is successfully uploaded, you can set up how it is showcased in your store according to your preferences. When you complete the settings, click Update in the upper right corner to apply the 3D model in your store.
    4 Config and Preview.png

The following image showcases what a 3D model looks like in the store:

5 effect.png

If you want to see the AR effect, click View in Room on the product details page and scan the QR code. Then switch to your browser to view it.
6 effect.png



Downloading the Sample Model Files



Restrictions of AR Display on Mobile Phone Models

The display of 3D models in AR requires the native capabilities of the Android operating system and therefore is not supported on all mobile phones. To display 3D models in AR, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • Apple: iOS14+
  • Foreign Android phones: Android 9+ with ARCore1.9+. The display of 3D models in AR is supported on most Android devices outside China as they have Google Play and AR Core preinstalled.
  • Chinese Android phones: Android 9+, with Google Play and AR Core downloaded in advance.
  • Unsupported phones: Huawei. Huawei phones don't support Google services that are necessary for the display of 3D models in AR.


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