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Product 3D & AR Display User Guide



1. Generate 3D models

You will need to shoot the items that need to generate a 3D model according to the specifications provided by us, and then send over the generated pictures to our Merchant Success team via folder. We will generate the 3D models based on the pictures you have sent over, and get the Merchant Success team to send the completed models to you. 


2. Preparation before shooting

The quality of the final 3D model will depend heavily on the quality of the pictures you provide us. In order to ensure that the photos you provide us can be converted into high-quality 3D models, this chapter will introduce you to the preparations that need to be made before shooting and the Precautions. It is recommended that you strictly follow our guidelines when operating

  • Hardware
    • An Apple mobile phone
      • In order to take high-quality pictures, we recommend using the "3D Photos" app for shooting. Currently, this app only supports downloading on the IOS system.
    • A tripod for shooting
      • Using a tripod can prevent the quality of your pictures from being affected by shaking during the shooting process
    • Shoot in a professional studio, or buy a large enough white screen 
      • Shooting 3D models requires a pristine environment to focus the page on the item being photographed. It is recommended that you go to a professional shooting studio for shooting. If you do not have a studio, please purchase a large enough white screen according to the size of the object you want to shoot to block the background used for shooting.
    • Photography LED lighting
      • Using photography LED lighting to assist shooting can avoid model colour distortion due to poor ambient light
  • Software
    • Download the "3D Photos" app
      • The "3D Photos" app can use the Object Capture technology of the IOS system to help you obtain the gyroscope information and depth information when shooting, which can greatly help you improve the quality of your photos

3. Selection of shooting objects

1. What items are suitable for generating 3D models

Fit ✅:

   1. A completely static item that will not deform as you turn the model during your shooting.

   2. Items with clear object lines

Not suitable for ❌:

   1. A soft, bendable item that deforms when you move it.

   2. Very thin, highly reflective, transparent or translucent objects in the same dimension (examples: glass, clear plastics, mirrors, high gloss metals, etc.).

   3. Large area of ​​solid colour objects


4. 3D model shooting detailed tutorial

4.1 How to obtain and use the "3D Photos" app

This chapter will introduce the shooting process of 3D models from 0

Step 1: In the Apple Mobile App Store, search for Object Capture, select the plug-in as shown in the figure, and download and install it


Step 2: After the download is complete, click to open the plug-in without entering an email address. Click Continue


Step 3: Continue to click Continue


Step 4: The next step is to allow this APP to find your mac and click "Allow"


Step 5: In the next step, we need to create a folder for storing the captured pictures and name it, click "Start taking photos", and name the folder according to the specification in the pop-up window for naming the folder that appears. The naming convention is "handle of your shop + your contact information (phone/email)", the following screenshot is an example of naming SHOPLINE


After entering, click OK. Then in the next pop-up window that appears, click "All Setup. Continue"


Step 6: The next step is to shoot, click on the shooting method and precautions, please refer to chapter 4.2

You can use manual mode or automatic mode to take pictures.

Manual mode: take a picture per click

Auto mode: Take pictures automatically at time intervals (2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds)


Step 7: After the shooting, all the pictures just taken will be stored in the folder created in step five


Step 8: Click to enter the folder---click the share button in the upper right corner---select "All photos"---click AirDrop to send the folder to the computer


Step 9: Contact and send the folder to us, waiting for the 3D model to be generated. If there is no problem with the quality of the model after generation, we will send the 3D model to you directly. If there is a problem with the quality, you will need to re-shoot some angles of the photographed item.

*Contact our online representative


4.2 Description of APP shooting matters

1. When shooting starts, please install your phone on a tripod and shoot. If your item can be placed on the turntable, you can fix the position of the tripod and let the turntable rotate for shooting. It is recommended to control the turntable to take a photo every 1/64th turn or 6 degrees; if your item is a large item, You can fix the shooting object and move the tripod position to shoot


2. Correct focus: When shooting with the "3D Photos" app, please keep the camera and the subject at a certain distance. If the distance is too close, it will not be able to focus. If you cannot focus correctly, the app will not be able to record depth data.


3. Enable depth data: When shooting, the app will open the "depth" mode by default, and photos taken in this mode will carry depth data. Please keep it on, don't turn it off.

4. Please keep the subject within the framemceclip1.png


5. Either manual mode or automatic mode can be used, it is recommended to use the automatic mode for shooting. If the object to be photographed can be placed in the turntable, it is recommended to use the automatic mode for shooting, which saves time and effort.

6. When shooting, please follow the bottom-up or top-down order to shoot the items to be photographed. Adjacent photos need to have 70% overlap for alignment. When your object is shot on the turntable, it is recommended to control the turntable to take a photo every 1/64th turn or 6 degrees.


7. For objects with a simple structure, it is recommended to shoot from three angles: diagonally below the object to be photographed, parallel to the object to be photographed, and diagonally above the object to be photographed. Group pictures, it is recommended to take 30 pictures at each position; for objects with complex structures, it is necessary to subdivide the vertical direction into four positions for shooting, and finally put the object down, and then shoot another group from the parallel position of the object to be photographed. Pictures, 40 pictures are recommended for each location.


8. Keep the shooting environment simple, evenly lit, and free of strong shadows. If you're shooting outdoors, choose cloudy or overcast weather.


9. When using the turntable to shoot, please place the objects to be photographed as far as possible on the axis of the turntable (the center of the turntable) for shooting.


4.3 Complementation Tutorial

Because the quality of the 3D model generation is heavily dependent on the quality of the pictures taken, if there is a problem with the 3D model you generated, we will need you to take additional pictures at the problematic angle. This chapter is used to introduce the process of re-taking pictures.

An example of a 3D model that needs to be supplemented;


(The bottom of this tea box 3d model is missing)


Step 1: Open the "3D Photos" app, find the file that needs to be supplemented in the picture list, and click to open


Step 2: Click Edit in the upper left corner, then click Edit Photos


Step 3: Click to enter all the pictures in this group of pictures, and then click Add Photos---Take Photos in the upper left corner


Click and then click All Setup. Continue to shoot. After shooting, follow the steps in 4.1 to AirDrop the picture folder to the computer, and then send it to our customer service staff.


5. Plug-in usage guidelines

After you have finished shooting the model, you can bind your model to the product in the plug-in. The following is a detailed tutorial;

Step 1: Choose to upload the 3D model of the product


Step 2: Find the product you want to upload the model, you can use the search function to search or search in the list. After finding the model of the product you want to upload, you can click the "Upload Model" button to upload the model.


Step 3: Click to upload the model, only model files in glb, gltf format are supported

Note: When exporting after modeling, please package .bin and textures as a GLTF file


Wait for the upload to finish


Step 4: After uploading successfully, configure the display of the model at the front of the store according to your preferences. After completing the configuration, click Update in the upper right corner to apply it in the front of the store.


The foreground effect is as follows:


*Note, after clicking "View in Room" to scan the code, please switch to the browser to view

6. Download the sample model file




7. AR display mobile phone model restrictions

The AR playback effect of the 3D model needs to use the native capabilities of the Android system. Currently, the AR display of the 3D model cannot be supported on all mobile devices. The mobile device needs to meet the following requirements for normal playback;

iPhone: IOS14+

Android phone:

Foreign Android phones: Android9+, and ARCore1.9+ is required. Because most foreign Android mobile phones have Google application + AR Core application, most mobile phones can support it.

Domestic Android phone: Android9+, and need to pre-download Google application and AR Core application.

Download link: Google : AR Core :

Phones that can't play:

Huawei mobile phone: Since AR playback uses Android's native capabilities, Huawei mobile phones cannot use AR functions because they do not support Google's suite.