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Bulk Inquiry

B2B & Wholesale Solution supports the bulk inquiry feature. With this feature enabled, buyers can add multiple products of interest to the quote list when browsing your page and inquire about these products at a time in the quote list page.


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Enabling Bulk Inquiry

The steps to enable bulk inquiry are as follows:

Go to B2B & Wholesale Solution > Settings > Shop display > Multi-product enquiry to enable Multi-product enquiry > switch the toggle on.




Initiating Bulk Inquiry by Buyer

The steps to initiate bulk inquiry by buyer are as follows:

  1. Go to the product detail page of your store.
  2. Click Add to quote list to add current products to the quote list.
  3. Product quantity in the current quote list will be displayed at the access to the list in the lower right corner after a customer adds products to the list.

To initiate bulk inquiry, buyers can click Quote list to go to the quote list page where they can adjust the products to be inquired and perform bulk inquiry for multiple products by filling in and submitting the enquiry form.

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