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Omnisend User Guide

In order to assist you in better email marketing, SHOPLINE has access to the Omnisend email & SMS marketing plugin. By using this plugin, you will be able to conduct more efficient, flexible and automated email marketing. This article provides guidelines for the usage of the Omnisend Email & SMS Marketing plugin. 


1. SHOPLINE store associated with Omnisend

    1.1 Get and bind X-API-KEY

    1.2 Get and bind the Omnisend buried code

    1.3 Complete store association verification

2. Instructions for store review


1. SHOPLINE store associated with Omnisend

There are three steps to associate SHOPLINE store with Omnisend, namely

1. Obtain and bind X-API-KEY 

2. Get and bind the Omnisend buried code

3. Store verification


1.1 Get and bind X-API-KEY

Step 1: Browse the SHOPLINE plugin marketplace and find the Omnisend plugin in the Marketing category


Step 2: Install the Omnisend plugin and complete the authorization


Step 3: Enter the plug-in interface, click "Go to the official website", and you will be redirected to the login page of the Omnisend official website


Step 4: Complete the Omnisend account registration and log in


Step 5: Click "Connect your store"


Step 6: Under Apps & API, click "API keys"


Step 7: Click "Create API keys+"


Step 8: Enter a name for your API key and click the "Save" button to save the operation when finished. Note: Please do not change the pre-set options. Modifications may prevent you from using Omnisend properly.


Step 9: Click to copy the API key and paste it in the Omnisend plugin in SHOPLINE


Step 10: Paste it in the SHOPLINE API key.


At this point, the API key acquisition process is over.


1.2 Get and bind the Omnisend buried code

Step 1: At Omnisend website, click "Connect your store" and click "Other"





Step 2: Enter your store link (note, not the admin link) and click "Add Snippet"


Step 3: Click "Copy Code"


Step 4: Paste the buried code in the Omnisend plugin in SHOPLINE.


The buried code has been obtained and bound, and the next step will be to complete the store association verification.


1.3 Complete store association verification

After completing the Omnisend buried code and API key binding, follow the steps below to complete store verification. 

Step 1: Click Save in the Omnisend plugin


Step 2: Go back to Omnisend website (refer to 1.2 Step 3) and click "Verify & Connect"


At this point, the store verification has ended. If you install the buried code correctly, Omnisend will show that you have been connected successfully.


2. Instructions for store review

1. After the store is successfully associated, Omnisend will review your store. The review time ranges from a few minutes to 24 hours. Most of the functions on Omnisend need to wait for the store review process to be completed before they can be used normally. The review result will be notified to you by email.



2. Your store review may be unsuccessful. The specific screenshots are as follows;


The reasons for not passing the review may be as follows:

  • Your store does not have a privacy policy page
  • Your store has no items
  • There are products in your store that have been reviewed as fake
  • Your store front desk has a password

If your store does not have the above issues but still shows that the review fails, you can contact Omnisend official staff for assistance by sending an email to support@omnisend.com


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