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TikTok Marketing

The SHOPLINE TikTok Marketing app is specifically designed for merchants and provides seamless integration with TikTok For Business. With this app, you can easily connect your store with TikTok For Business assets, install TikTok Pixel, and synchronize your product catalog with TikTok ads. Additionally, you can open a TikTok advertising account directly within the app. By associating assets and installing TikTok Pixel, you establish a closed-loop business process as follows:

Synchronize SHOPLINE products to TikTok > Advertise on TikTok to divert traffic to SHOPLINE store > Report SHOPLINE customer behavior data to TikTok.


In This Article

Binding TikTok Pixel to Your Store

When advertising your store products (external links) on TikTok, you can monitor the advertising results by linking TikTok Pixel to your store. To install TikTok Pixel, you'll need to bind your TikTok Business Center Account, TikTok Business Center, and TikTok Advertising Account assets in TikTok Marketing. Once completed, you can then link TikTok Pixel under your advertising account.



If you wish to use TikTok Pixel's advanced matching features, you must activate Advanced Matching after linking Pixel. Enabling this feature includes the visitor's email and phone number when sending back site behavior data to TikTok. This data can be used to create custom audiences and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Note: The TikTok Marketing app currently supports Pixel in developer mode only. When creating Pixel in TikTok Ads Center, please select Manual setup



Synchronizing Store Products to TikTok Ads Catalog

With TikTok Marketing, you can synchronize your store products to the TikTok Ads Catalog and keep them updated. After synchronization, you will be able to place product advertisements on TikTok for products in your store. Once you have completed the association with TikTok Business Center, you can select Catalog in Business Center to synchronize products. If there is no Catalog in your business center, you can create one in the app.

  1. You can only link business centers with admin permissions.
  2. You can only synchronize products to the TikTok Ads Catalog if your store uses the same currency.


After initiating synchronization, TikTok Ads will review your store. You can check the status of the product review in the app. If some products fail to synchronize, you can click on Management to review those products or check them in TikTok Directory Manager.



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